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Strange loss of aircraft control in certain scenery areas...

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I've been having strnge losses of control when flying around certain sceneries, such as FlyTampa's Vienna and SimWings Nice Cote d'Azur, just to name a couple. It happens at other airports as well, but it is more pronounced at these airports. It doesn't occur at default airports, however.When I get close to these airports, my controls do not respond and the aircraft wants to bank or climb in a certain direction. Also, when taxiing at these airports, the aircraft will want to turn left or right and I must use excessive control inputs to counteract these occurences.I know it's not due to calibration of my yoke, throttle or rudder pedals because they work perfectly outside of these airports. It's also not weather related because I've tried flying in these areas in clear calm conditions.Has anyone experienced anthing like this before? It's almost as if there is a magnetic force that is exerting control over my aircraft in these areas.Any help would be greatly appreciated!!ThanksAlex

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