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Bruce Leehan

Left thrust reverser stopped working correctly

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Can anyone offer a suggestion?Recently I started noticing my left thrust reverser not working completely. i.e. when I move my TQ past the detent it doesn't engage, and when I completely diconnect all joysticks and devices, when I use "F2" to engage the reversers, the right one engages and stays, but the left one cycles repeatedly as if there's a conflicting keypress which won't let it stay engaged. (that's the only way I can describe it.)I have deleted my FS9.cfg as well as my Devices.cfg and tried to start over....no luck. I have uninstalled FSUIPC.DLL (FULL REG VER) no luck...I have tried it on all my jets including the default FS9 aircraft, they all have the same prob. The last thing I installed was the Tinmouse II and that was over a week ago. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Specs. AMD 2800 XP+ nVidia 6800 GT1 GB RAMWin XP proCH USB TQS, USB Yoke, USB Pro Pedals. CHMGR 4.0

Bruce Leehan

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