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Captain Kevin

Fuel Loading Discrepancy

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Just wondering if anyone has noticed a discrepancy with the fuel loading being less than what you actually input. For instance, when I enter in 40,000 pounds of fuel, I wind up getting 39,994 pounds of fuel loaded. If I enter in 48,000 pounds, I wind up getting 47,999 pounds. When I put in 124,000 pounds of fuel, it would be anywhere from 120,417 pounds of fuel with a fuel density of 6.30 to 123,995 pounds of fuel with a fuel density of 7.20. When I put in 248,000 pounds, I get anywhere from around 230,000 pounds with a density of 6.30 to 247,995 pounds with a fuel density of 7.20. I don't remember ever having such a discrepancy with the fuel loading prior to the update since I'd get the 40,000 pounds that I asked for. This occurs with both the 747-400 and the 747-8. A support ticket was already submitted, but I thought I'd ask here to see if anybody noticed this. They did suggest that the fuel density would have something to do with this, which is why I tested the fuel loading with the extreme density ranges. Whilst I understand that a low fuel density will cause you to be unable to load the maximum fuel weight because your tanks are limited by volume, I'm not even trying to load anything close to the maximum fuel weight when this is happening, and having an 18,000-pound difference between what you requested and what actually gets loaded is a serious issue.

I do note that I can't even get the amount I asked for even when I have the highest fuel density possible.

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