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TBM900 1.0.9 Update out

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As the title says.


 List of fixes:


The following is a list of additions/fixes included:
What's New / Changed:

  • Minor mesh fixes on front fuselage to patch up model holes
  • Fixed high levels of gloss on ailerons
  • Fixed texture artefacts on deice panel screws
  • Artificial horizon light scatter fixed
  • New datarefs on spill lights for glareshield
  • Automatic switching from GPS to LOC guidance on a programmed approach wasn't engaging LOC mode properly
  • Weight-on-wheels sensors should be on all gear legs
  • OFV should begin modulating on the takeoff roll
  • Switched state timer from microclock to unixtime due to potential problem with microsecond rollover on Windows
  • vrconfig with hotspots for walkaround
  • Fixed sudden pitch change when AP was engaged with the aircraft out of trim
  • Retuned steering constants to make crosswind takeoffs easier
  • Lowered minimum PAX weight to allow for children
  • Lightened overhead panel textures to look better
  • Implemented aircraft reset to Cold & Dark when selecting 'No' in flight recovery or when a new airframe is created
  • Increased cloud cover sun radiation decrease factor to not overheat the cabin so easily on cold weather
  • Increased cabin surface heat flow rate to cool the cabin a bit in colder weather
  • Implemented hard crash detection
  • Refactored panel overlay drawing code to avoid hard-coding panel viewport offsets to help with rendering on multi-monitor setups
  • Made negative-G effect of fuel instability less pronounced
  • FMS keyboard box joystick move UP should tilt radar down on radar page
  • Fuel indicator should display proper inop indication instead of amber XXX
  • Added code to detect left-most monitor and display drawer there
  • Fixed UI scaling support issues - all windows should now rescale & behave properly with UI size > 100%
  • Fixed windows not properly centering on multi-monitor setups
  • Smartcopilot compatibility fixes - very early work
  • Pushing CWS shouldn't emit the AP disconnection sound
  • Flipped default CB light position to be off
  • Very short runways could cause a div-by-zero in the runway segment number determination
  • Added xEnviro integration to read rain rate.
  • High-elevation VORs and ILSes could sometimes fail being received due to signal propagation computation errors




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i7 12700K , 32GB RAM @3600MHz, Asus Z690-Plus D4 MB, Asus 3090 GTX Graphics, 850W Corsair PSU, Kraken AIO watercooler, Nvme 1TB ssd, 1TB ssd, 500GB ssd.

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