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PMDG it is my understanding the current 900 that we have now is built as 900 non ER version or  ETOPS.. I was wondering if you can adjust the 900 we have now and build up as 900ER ETOPS. instead of non ER which means going in and adjust the weight and balance figures  Including Zero Fuel Weight - TOW -  to match the 900ER out there today.. doing away with the old default 900 which are not ER versions.. So basically the 900 we have now become 900ER not plain 900..  I hope this request makes sense.. cause like tonight I am flying the 900 suppose to be ER and my zfw was 143.5 but I kept getting invalid request when trying too add it too the zfw section when loading the plane.. the current zfw for the 900 only goes too 136.1 as max..

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Hi Bill,

obviously I'm no PMDG staff but I can tell you pretty sure that there will be no such update to the old NGX addon. It has been developed in a very old code, PMDG have completely reworked their addons since the NGX came out. However, we know that there is a NG3 in development. Maybe something like this will be included. They made all the commonly available models for the 747-400 (even including the D version) and so I am confident that the new NG3 will have even more to offer that the NGX. The 737 MAX version was teased and maybe there will also be a 900ER. But if you want to make sure that your wish is being noticed you should submit it as a support ticket. The forum is going on so fast that this can easily be missed. 

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