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  1. I can't do much with Departure cause if you don't select the right departure within the first try, the top where airport section is goes crazy after a few mins and just starts flying through numbers and alphabet. but if you click button it again it sets it back too the airport you chose but you can't move or select anything below it..
  2. They either need to update, or we need someone else to create a New.. I am so ready to fly to KSTL
  3. Any chance we can get Scimitar winglet option could even be added in the options part of the FMC.. Just too have the Scimitar Winglets on our current PMDG 737 fleet.. Please
  4. PMDG it is my understanding the current 900 that we have now is built as 900 non ER version or ETOPS.. I was wondering if you can adjust the 900 we have now and build up as 900ER ETOPS. instead of non ER which means going in and adjust the weight and balance figures Including Zero Fuel Weight - TOW - to match the 900ER out there today.. doing away with the old default 900 which are not ER versions.. So basically the 900 we have now become 900ER not plain 900.. I hope this request makes sense.. cause like tonight I am flying the 900 suppose to be ER and my zfw was 143.5 but I kept getting invalid request when trying too add it too the zfw section when loading the plane.. the current zfw for the 900 only goes too 136.1 as max..
  5. Is there a scenery developer payware that is working on a new version of San Antonio Tx for P3DV4 ? I own King Sceneries but the gate setup is all wrong.. The gates are off wack..
  6. well my zfw was 140.7 and kept getting invalid selection or invalid response TOC BYRDD+12NM LW PARAMETERS ZFW 140751 / 149300S R27 T28 A3003 W290/07 HW07 TOW 168173 / 176934L XW02 F30 DRY AI/E AC/ON ENRT LW 148539 / 157300S I know and that what was giving me issues is the zfw not accepting.. I thought it was because the seats were off which means the weights would be off. cause more seats would cause for more mzfw too be allowed for the more pax and bags..
  7. I was wondering instead of 12 can you make 20 for first class please.. All United 737-900 have 20 seats in first class 179 seats total through out the aircraft.. Also I had an issue.. I had a ZFW today of 140.7 and I kept getting invalid.. So because of load layout and not having 20 seats in first. It must not be laid out in same as United planes there for not allowing for a zfw of 140.7
  8. I was finally able too get it.. Sorry for the delay.. I apparently needed a new update Initial installer for normal PMDG 777
  9. Yea I know.. finally figured out what was stopping me from getting it.. I feel so dumb.. I had too type yes in that box that for some reason I wasn't seeing that earlier.. Duh.. I am proud owner of the 777-300ER now.. Yippee.. I already own the 200 series, I was expanding my fleet having the 300 become part of my fleet.. No more replies needed as this resolves this case.. The case of the dummy that didn't see the part that says type Yes in the box.. hehehe lol
  10. Trying to purchase the 777-300ER Ext but keeping getting told it cannot be added too cart ?? How am I suppose to pay for it if it won't add it too the shopping cart at PMDG store ??
  11. Next update you do for current 737 NGX.. Think we can get an option to have in the 2 class. Too have 16 first class seats So the ability to switch from 12 seats to having 16 first class seats in the 737-800 please United has 2 class system first class/ coach there first class has 16 seats in first class.. Yours only currently has 12.. So the ability to be able to switch from 12 too 16 would be nice to have feature in an update.. Also can we have the ability to open our flight deck windows please
  12. Looking for United Express post merger E-170 paint Job.. I just bought the E-170 tonight with Feelthere was having a sale on them & I know I will be needing one because since the merger between my favorite Continental Airlines & United Airlines.. We now have the EMB 170 jet.. However so far I Do not have any paint schemes for the newly painted merged paint livery.. For the New United Express livery... Also if anyone out there that is a good painter could use couple paintings for the ERJ-145 & 145XR under the new United Express livery too for Feelthere...
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