GSX level 2 how to change views during 3D edit

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I did not see a Forum specifically for GSX so I hope this forum is OK as I use it via FSX

I have just purchased FSDreamteam' s GSX level 2 and although I had to allow passengers board 2 or 3 at a time to prevent OOMs. I still have 2 major problems that no matter how I phrased my query I came up with the usual full videos and reference to the GSX new manual incorporating GSX Level 2.  I have read this the but I must be missing something.

Problem 1 :- When you take the option to customise  parking positions,  the Videos all seem to move about the editing view, as easy as I normally can do with EZdoc. I know I can edit vehicle positions with F keys etc as per manual but all my EZdoc hot keys no longer work. even the arrow keys and and normal mouse control is gone. I sort of expected this, so I tried again this time using Global Disable for Ezdoc but I still could not move around the parking scenario as per Instruction Videos? I could use the appropriate F key to select and move an item but could not move the camera as per videos to get a better view to see what I was doing. Can anyone help?

Problem 2:- I really like the SODE jetways and the offered list is intensive. That unfortunately is the problem. How many simmers are familiar with all the various types of Jetways. I know it gives an audible 'ding'  with numeric 5 when it is OK but as there are 80? variations no guidance is offered on how to select. I will be honest I am still trying to work out when and what Bridge to use. As far as Jetways are concerned I am not a purist so I don't mind having a Crystal (Clear) Jetway when in reality it is steel. I know the numbers suffixing a jetway refers to minimum and max distances but do you have to Guess that? 

 I could do with help in what is the  best and easiest way to select the best  and most suitable SODE jetway.

Jack Allan

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