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Hi All,

I am in super-duper desperate need of a new system.

Dell’s Outlet early Black Friday sales didn’t disappoint with 31% off list price for the below “Sick” system.

Alienware Area 51

Intel Core 7th Generation i9-7980XE Processor (18 Core, 2.6GHz, 24.75MB Cache, 165W)
2TB PCIe M.2 Class 40 Solid State Drive
64GB HyperX DDR4 Memory XMP at 2933MHz
Dual NVDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti with 11GB GDDR5X each NVIDIA SLI enabled (Liquid Cooled)
1,500 W Power Supply
New Dell Ultrasharp 32” 4K Monitor.
Due to arrive this comming Saturday.
My request for advice is regarding Lockheed Martin P3D Version 4 installation.
In my old self-built custom system (detailed below in the footer) had a Western Digital (WD) Velociraptor HD devoted to the Operating System Only.  Next I had P3Dv4 with aircraft installed on a separate WD Solid State Drive (SSD). Next all photo and Orbx scenery was installed on another separate WD SSD.
I will install these two newer separate WD SSD’s into the new Alienware Area 51 and reformat them.
My question is how should I do my P3Dv4 installation and add-one to maximize overall P3Dv4 performance?
This will be a Microsoft Window 10 Professional operating system.
Will installing P3Dv4 on a separate SSD from OS SSD slow down or increase P3Dv4 performance?
I’m pretty sure scenery (photo + Orbx) + aircraft will  be best on a separate SSD’s than the installed P3Dv4 installed SSD.  Any thoughts on this?
Lastly, I’m a long-time user of Ultimate Defrag.  I’ve used Ultimate Defrags’ new SSD defragmentation algorithm occasionally with big installations and updates. I’ve read arguments favoring and against SSD defragmentation (Finite and limited read and write cycles). Any advice, recommendations or insight on this matter?
Any ideas, advice, information and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!
Thank You and Happy ThanksGiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gobble Gobble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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