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  1. I was told D'Andre moved on from ADX to other things in life (well paying job, family, etc.). I've kept him on the team page since he was in the initial seed/Founder. Apparently, D'Andre would financially afford to fully commit and devote substantial time to ADX for that period in his life.
  2. https://www.airdailyx.net/article/air-daily-x-adx-is-recruiting-an-x-plane-managing-editor/ Air Daily X (ADX) is recruiting an “X–Plane Managing Editor.” Image source: Wikipedia: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Unclesamwantyou.jpg The X–Plane Managing Editor will report to the Executive Director and will be responsible for delivering impactful, experienced, informative and insightful X–Plane content at ADX. X–Plane Managing Editor will have a constant measure of the pulse of the X–Plane flight simulator platform and associated third-part add-ons. The ADX X–Plane content will focus on highly impactful news releases regarding high fidelity aircraft (e.g. Take Command!: HotStart TMB-900, Milviz Cessna T310R, Take Command! Series by X-Aviation, etc.) releases and outstanding premium scenery (e.g. OrbxTrueEarth Great Britain, Orbx Airports, etc.) releases, as well as major news releases from X–Planes’ publishing company Laminar Research. Additionally, the X–Plane Managing Editor will be responsible for publishing highly impactful and insightful reviews on X–Plane third party software that will focus primarily on high fidelity add-on aircraft (e.g. Take Command!: HotStart TMB-900, Milviz Cessna T310R, Take Command! Series by X-Aviation, etc.) and outstanding premium scenery (e.g. Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain, Orbx airports, etc.). The rewards for the X–Plane Managing Editor: Have a dynamic relationship with the global flight simulation community. Have a solid and robust platform to communicate his/her ideas, comments and insights to the global flight simulation community. Be provided with X–Plane add-on products to review at no-cost (free). Requirements for the X–Plane Managing Editor position: Be honest, responsible, mature, pleasant and nice. Behave, contribute and conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity. Be able to fluently read, speak and write in the English language. Have a genuine and committed interest in the X–Plane flight simulation platform. Candidates are required to have a MINIMUM of ten years of bona–fide (e.g. genuine, real) and consistent experience in personal computer (P.C.) based flight simulation and/or ten years of real-life flying experience as an aircraft and/or helicopter pilot. Candidates are required to have or previously had a United States (U.S.) Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) certified single-engine-land (S.E.L.) pilots license with instrument rating privileges AND a minimum of 100 hours of total logged flight time (T.T.) including no less than 60 hours of pilot in command (P.I.C.) logged flight time. Have excellent verbal communication skills. Have excellent written communication skills. Enjoy writing. Be able to very critically and fairly evaluate news, the X–Plane flight simulation platform and associated third-party add-on products. Be personally driven to contribute to the flight simulation community. Own X–Plane 11 Own a reasonably modern (approximately 1-3 years old) computer and good video card to review and test the latest and future third-party software add-ons for X–Plane 11+. Be able to commit to the position for a minimum of one year. The ideal X–Plane Managing Editor will: Be a major U.S. major (e.g. United, American, Delta, etc.) airline captain (or first officer) or international equivalent (e.g. Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, etc.). *** Note: National (e.g. Southwest, Alaska, Hawaiian, jetBlue, etc.) and regional (Skywest, Horizon, Mesa, Envoy, Endeavor, etc.) airline pilot will also strongly be considered. Career flight instructors holding a U.S. F.A.A. airline transport pilot (A.T.P.) rating (or international equivalent) and/or U.S. F.A.A. designated (or international equivalent) examiners will be strongly considered. Be a college graduate with a Bachelor’s in Science (B.S.) degree or higher (better) from a nationally accredited U.S. university (or international equivalent). ***Note: Engineering majors will strongly be considered and/or preferred. Have outstanding verbal communication skills. Have outstanding writing skills. Enjoy writing very much. Be personally very driven to contribute to the flight simulation community. Be able to commit to the position for greater than of one year. Interested candidates meeting requirements are encouraged to submit an email of interest to Davidmedwards2019@gmail.com that includes the following: 1) A single paragraph personal statement explaining the interest in the position. 2) A single paragraph explaining qualifications. 3) Direct contact information (an email address is sufficient). Thank you so very much for your time and consideration!!!!!!! All the Best and Sincerely, David M. Edwards Executive Director and Editor-In-Chief Air Daily X (ADX) https://www.airdailyx.net/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-m-edwards-7551ab68/
  3. No more Airbus A380. https://www.airdailyx.net/article/airbus-announces-the-discontinuation-of-the-superjumbo-a380-production-line/ David M. Edwards https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-m-edwards-7551ab68/
  4. Hi All, I am in super-duper desperate need of a new system. Dell’s Outlet early Black Friday sales didn’t disappoint with 31% off list price for the below “Sick” system. Alienware Area 51 Intel Core 7th Generation i9-7980XE Processor (18 Core, 2.6GHz, 24.75MB Cache, 165W) 2TB PCIe M.2 Class 40 Solid State Drive 64GB HyperX DDR4 Memory XMP at 2933MHz Dual NVDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti with 11GB GDDR5X each NVIDIA SLI enabled (Liquid Cooled) 1,500 W Power Supply New Dell Ultrasharp 32” 4K Monitor. Due to arrive this comming Saturday. My request for advice is regarding Lockheed Martin P3D Version 4 installation. In my old self-built custom system (detailed below in the footer) had a Western Digital (WD) Velociraptor HD devoted to the Operating System Only. Next I had P3Dv4 with aircraft installed on a separate WD Solid State Drive (SSD). Next all photo and Orbx scenery was installed on another separate WD SSD. I will install these two newer separate WD SSD’s into the new Alienware Area 51 and reformat them. My question is how should I do my P3Dv4 installation and add-one to maximize overall P3Dv4 performance? This will be a Microsoft Window 10 Professional operating system. Will installing P3Dv4 on a separate SSD from OS SSD slow down or increase P3Dv4 performance? I’m pretty sure scenery (photo + Orbx) + aircraft will be best on a separate SSD’s than the installed P3Dv4 installed SSD. Any thoughts on this? Lastly, I’m a long-time user of Ultimate Defrag. I’ve used Ultimate Defrags’ new SSD defragmentation algorithm occasionally with big installations and updates. I’ve read arguments favoring and against SSD defragmentation (Finite and limited read and write cycles). Any advice, recommendations or insight on this matter? Any ideas, advice, information and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Thank You and Happy ThanksGiving!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gobble Gobble!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave
  5. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks guys!
  6. Hummm.. Pay $39 USD to be a Beta tester........
  7. It's working fine now after re-re-install. Thanks All! BillyBob David
  8. Thanks! I'll give that a try. BillyBob
  9. I’ll try this. It looks like some anomaly. It’s specific to only the JF Arrows and the prop lever works perfectly in all other add-on’s. I’m only using Logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick with it’s one throttle slider assigned to throttle and am using the mouse cursor to try to adjust the prop. I’ll try unplugging joystick, uninstalling and reinstalling FSUIPC and assigning the prop axis to joystick slider to see if that does anything. Thanks Simbol and Scott for your help and responding! Have a great weekend! BillyBob David
  10. Hi All, I bought the Just Flight Arrow IV and Turbo Arrow IV. The prop lever doesn’t work. It’s stuck at 100% full forward. If I adjust (decrease) it just immediately springs back (yes, it’s animated) to 100% full forward. I have this problem with both the ArrowIV and Turbo Arrow IV. Just Flight technical support says it’s definitely not their plane and is an issue with P3D. They didn’t want to advise or help any further... I doubled checked all the key inputs and axis assignments to make sure there weee no conflicts. This is the only plane I have that has this problem. Yes, I have the most current versions d/l from JF. Yes FSUIPC is installed. I has this exact same issue come up on a beta build with the Milviz Otter and it was immediately fixed on the next build. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks, BilllyBob David Edwards
  11. Hopefully the EZdok2 folks will have an update too... BillyBob David Edwards
  12. Thank You! For some silly reason I posted it as 747-800. I’d been reading all the stories that United flew its last 747-400 flight and for some silly reason was thinking the 747-8i and 747-8F was 747-800. Sorry for the confusion.. Billybob Dabid Edwards
  13. Dear fellow flight simulationists and flight stimulators, In preparation for the forth coming PMDG 747-800, I'd recommend and suggest getting prepared with the Just Planes "747-800 ABC [Air Bridge Cargo]" HD cockpit video (240 mins.) http://www.worldairroutes.com/airbridge.html Happy Holidays! BillyBob
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