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Phenom tribulations

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Aaah! The Phenom 300.I love this plane.I hate this plane.Let me tell you first that on my system,I can run the PMDG QOTSA III,together with Active Sky,Orbx Global, Flightsimcommander,ProATCX,Navigraph charts ,Traffic 360 and High Resolution Airport commercial scenery without any problems.Yet the humble Phenom causes

CTD now and then for no reason whatsoever.Yet she is a sublimely beautiful and state of the art aeroplane that I just cannot dismiss.She is elegance pure.But she 

really is like a naughty mistress.I am running her on P3Dv4.3 64 bit version in Windows 10.Why is she causing me all these headaches?

First of all,I would like to say that I agree with someone on this forum who says that in the real Phenom,no one would install a GTN 750.I own this software but

for authenticity's sake would not install it in my Phenom.I know that the G 1000 can be a pain in the ...,but this is the instrument installed in the real thing.I was

happy when Carenado decided to provide Navigraph support for it ,and unlike in their Citation II,it really works here.But I still have a few problems that I am unable

to resolve.Maybe some of you old hands may have a solution for some of these:

Some people have suggested that in order to improve performance,it is possible to shut down the copilot's PFD.The clickspot in on the top left of the PFD.
I tried this but it does not work.Maybe it is a P3D v4.3 thing .Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

When I put in altitudes in the flightplan,they are usually rejected and the standard 20000 feet comes back after I enter my self chosen altitude.Anyone experience this?

Lately,I find that it is sometimes impossible to activate the yaw damper.I can push the button,but the caption says it remains OFF.(My AP is on at the time I try this)

The weather radar does indeed only work on the ground.So,please,Carenado,consider fixing the radar scan angle.

When I push the button to test whether my plane config is appropriate for take off,there is no sound.Sometimes I get a message if the config is inappropriate:No takeoff,flaps or

something.But should I not be hearing:Takeoff OK,when I am correctly set up?

OK,I can take my sweetheart out for a spin,and now and then I complete the flight without much of a hassle.I am so proud to be seen with this beauty at busy airports.I can even

surmise the jealousy of the heavy Boeing and Airbus pilots,when I elegantly pass them on the tarmac.But still,I would like her to be much more consistent and reliable (faithful

to me).

Ok guys,I would be very grateful for any piece of advice.Even if you cannot advise me at all,I will probably not leave her.For that,she is just too beautiful.I am a weak fellow.


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