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  1. theophile

    Hawker with GTN 750

    Hi Bert, Watched the FSMania Hawker flight to the Aleutians with your mod.Looks wonderfull!Could I....? (
  2. theophile

    WX Radar and Slats warning

    Hey,thanks guys for the replies.Rudi,I did what you suggested and setup real bad weather in Active Sky and,yes,there are returns!Thank you. Dave,I made a typographical error,I am running P3Dv4.My apologies.Thibod,I used manual throttle to take-off and must have overboosted the engines,what would account for the flickering.When I tried with AT engaged,it indeed did not flicker anymore.Thanks! Dave,I was not aware that the WX radar only reflects active precipitation.You know, Active Sky is pretty good and maybe we have all been misled by earlier cheaper weather radars.Thibod,I have to check on the green reference pointer.I think I got it wrong because what I did was read the numbers on the longitudinal trim readout wrongly:There is a dot before those numbers and when it read .7 I put the elevator trim on .7,not 7 as I should have.I noticed that when I put in the correct reading,i.e. 7 in this case,the green pointer does indeed align. So guys,you effectively solved all my problems.Thanks so much for the great advice.I learned a lot from you.
  3. theophile

    WX Radar and Slats warning

    Hi, First of all my congratulations to the team who made this wonderful software!It is a rare piece of perfection.I simply adore the lines of the DC9/MD80/717. I flew the F1 DC-9 classic and the TFDI 717 and they are really good.But in the DC-9 there is no FMC and it is hard to do the more modern flights.The 717,on the other hand,is all glass,and I miss the old school panel.So the Maddog is the perfect compromise.The flight model is amazing,as is the internal lighting.. For me,I have 2 little problems.Maybe someone here can point me in the right direction:I keep on getting the slats auditory warning on Takeoff.I use the configurator to setup the plane and then I set the CG in the airplane;For example,yesterday the CG was 10.5.I set this in the pedestal with flaps 15.It gave me 0.7 as output,which I consequently set in the elevator trim.On Takeoff,with flaps 15 set,speed brake armed,autobrakes set to Takeoff,I got the slats warning and some of the engine gauges were flickering;(I do not know whether this is related).Can anyone explain me the exact procedure to transfer configurator data to the Maddog? My second problem concerns the weather radar.I have the Hifi Active Sky for P3Dv4 and I put this in the configurator .I can do the WX radar test,I can start the WX radar in WX or WX/T,I can use the tilt command and the WX VAR, I know about the rotatory button on the pilot display to increase/decrease light intensity. But to this day,I have not had a single radar reflection.I have been surrounded by clouds and bad weather,but never a radar signature.I want to say that I can succesfully ask acars weather for departure and destination on the FMC. I somewhat reminds me of the TDFI 717 which always had extremely little radar returns on its weather radar.Maybe there is a link there as the Leonardo team uses the TDFI lighting software (trueglass and...).Anyhow does anyone have the same problem with the Hifi Active Sky program and the MaddogX? I run P3Dv2 64 version on Windows 10. Thanks for any input!
  4. theophile

    C411 on P3dV4?

    Thank you for the reply.But I have reinstalled the C441 and this appartently solved the problem. Again,thanks!
  5. theophile

    C411 on P3dV4?

    Hi, I have exactly the same altitude hold problem mentioned before.It simply does not hold the altitude. Can anyone please advise?I run the C441 on P3Dv4.I purchased the C441 yesterday november18.
  6. theophile

    Coolsky DC9

    Hi Craig, I know this comes somewhat late,but I am very interested in your panel config for the Coolsky DC9 with the Friendly Panels FMC added.I own both but have been unable to incorporate the FMC. When I apply the suggested panel config change ,my DC9 freezes.I must be doing something wrong,but I do not know what.Might you be willing to send me a copy of the panel config.?Also,did you apply this to all 4 panels? My Thank you!
  7. theophile

    B1900 and P3D v2.5

    Same here.No problems in P3D v2.5
  8. Hi folks, I did not have the error 75 before I switched to Norton. Now I am unable to run RV4.I looked into this forum topic but could not find any fixes for the Norton caused error.Could anyone redirect me to the solution?Thanks