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  1. Best flightsim plane of them all,and I own them all:PMDG,Flightsimlabs,Maddog,A2A and many more. Some simple Carenado aircraft sometimes crash my sim,the dash8 never has.It runs in the mid 50 fps on my average system,and this is P3Dv4.5 in Ultra settings,with Active Sky and Little Navmap running concurrently.I simply cannot say a bad thing about this software,it is simply amazing.I would say:if you buy only 1 sim aircraft to experience professional line flying,buy the Majestic Dash 8.And yes, the extra 20 dollars for the Pro version is certainly worth it.
  2. I own both the JF L1011-500 and the CS L1011-100.They are both decent aircraft,but my preference is to the CS version.Let me first point out the positive things on the JF with respect to the CS: There is a galley smoke test There is a brake temperature test The altimeter must be set manually below 18000 feet You can effectively detach the DLC The chronometer is good:up to many hours of flight can be recorded (no chronometer on the CS) The oxygen masks can be tested Now on the down side (JF vs CS): The slat monitor test is incorrect There is no side window heat There is no external power There is no alt antiskid test The lighting in the dawn and dusk zones is very bad The INS lines up extremely slowly Fire test lights do not light up There is no turb cooling air light Wheel well fire test is incorrect No oil quantity test APU works without fuel supply COM frequency logic ( if you go up from 124.95,you get 125,i.e. the integers and the decimals are not independent) No functioning weather radar the AP VS switch goes in the wrong direction no voice recorder test only the main door opens (in P3D v4.5,which I use) incomplete light test you cannot disconnect the AP from the yoke No sunscreens No payload/fuel configurator As far as the flight model is concerned,both are probably not very correct,but the JF version of a landing with DLC is totally wrong.I was a real life pilot myself,and I would never ever fly a plane with these landing characteristics.The CS version is landable with DLC,although it feels somewhat rigid. I love the Tristar,and in my opinion CS has succeeded better in simulating this wonderful aircraft.
  3. Having reloaded the Falcon for the third time,I finally got everything working.(except still no TCAS whatsoever,even using only the default P3d aircraft). I am grateful to now have a fully (or almost) operational Falcon 50.
  4. Having said all this,the Falcon50 still remains my favourite aircraft,I even prefer it to my (very expensive) PMDG 747-800
  5. I did not notice before because all of my previous flights where less than 1 hour long,so the feeder tanks were sufficient there.Once I started doing a longer flight,I ran out of fuel in the nr1 and nr3 engines,and because the nr1 and nr3 feeder thanks were empty,I could not do an air restart.
  6. I am having exactly the same issue in P3D v4.5! All switches correct and still,the feeder tanks empty out.
  7. Thanks,but I should at least get the TCAS visual test,right?I redownloaded the software from Simmarket,reinstalled it and again,no TCAS at all. Maybe it is a P3D v4.5 thing.Any other P3D v4.5 pilots experiencing this?
  8. First of all,nothing but praise for this wonderfull software.I love the way she flies,her wonderfull old style cockpit,her outside looks.I know that the competition also has a Falcon 50 to offer,but this,in my opinion cannot compare to the Flysimware Falcon 50. I have only 1 thing that does not seem to work.I am running P3D v4.5 64 bit.I have the F35 installed as my startup flight.I have a functioning Weather Radar.But the TCAS does not seem to work.Not in STBY,not in TARA,not in TA,not in TRANSPONDER.When I push the test button,I get the correct sound,but no test image. My airtraffic program is Traffic 360.I have it set for 75% traffic in the P3D settings.I tried 100%,but this makes no difference.I want to mention that TCAS works in my PMDG airplanes,so it is not my computer that is at fault here.Maybe someone out there knows what the problem might be.I already reinstalled the Falcon once to clear another problem.Could anyone please advise here?Thanks for any suggestions!
  9. Hey,thanks a million! That works!
  10. Hi,I have a weird issue.I checked the forum and no one else seemed to have experienced this.When the airplane is powered up and the avionics switch is on,all avionics light up EXCEPT the pedestal NAV1,COM1,NAV2 and COM2 units.Their on/off switches are ON.Any advice here? I tried a startup situation with another airplane with the avionics ON, but this does not change anything.I completely reinstalled the aircraft,but again nothing changes.Thanks for any advice.
  11. Sorry,I am mistaken.The readout on the FMS is in pounds,the readout on the dashboard is in KG.You are right about this issue.
  12. You cannot actively transfer fuel from one tank to the other.You can keep the fuel in the 2 tanks equal
  13. I think the fuel weights are in KG
  14. Yes,and I now know that the best thing to do is to put the fuel crossfeed valve to open at the beginning of the flight.This does indeed keep the fuel tanks balanced.
  15. All of a sudden I found that it does work.With the HSI on full arc and the WX switch to on,I got a working WX radar to my big surprise.I hope you find this too Madair01 and thank you for your reply. I was also thinking that the TCAS was not functional,but there too,I got an image of an approaching plane. Vert satisfied with this plane now!
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