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No matter what I do I cannot get the jetway at any gate to use door L1 instead of L2
I am using Prepar3dv4 with PMDG Queen Of the Skies 747-400 v3 ver Qantas ER
I go into GSX Customize Aircraft Editor.
Yes It is the correct aircraft and corrisponds to my current aircraft.
I select the Pax1 door, and select the header Door with open close checks as FSX Door1
When I go into the editor the blue Z and green and red axis lines are over the correct door (L1)
However when I use the jetway it always goes to L2.
I am trying to position my nose wheel on the forward yellow line, then L1 will be in easy reach of the jetway.
L2 is to far away, and the jetway has to split in half to reach it.
After doing this edit I press Y which is supposed to close and save, yes it closes, but the jetway always goes to L2.
Another issue I am having is editing the position of my aircraft on the approach line.
In the editor I move the aircraft nose wheel and the orange stop circle back to the forward yellow line ending.
I press y to save and close.
However every time I reopen the simulator the aircraft is back to this default position of 2 meters
 forward of the end yellow line.
The third problem I am having is
The height of the jetway at the door, is about 2 feet below the top of the door (that is the jetway apron or hoarding that surrounds the door)
So when the jetway is at the door, and the door is open you can still see inside the aircraft with about a 2 foot gap.
How do I raise the jetway so it fully encloses the door.
I have tried going into the aircraft editor, and raising lower horizontal line up 2 feet (this line is at the bottom of the door by default)
However this seems to have no effect of where the jetway goes, or interacts with the door.
Hope someone can help me with these 3 issues.

Regards  Paul

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