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The Greatness of Incompatible Concorde X

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Man, I just love how Concorde crashes right?

No, but seriously, it's a pain in the butt to get this plane working. 
I have done many tests with this airplane, and I've read many forum posts about this, and still haven't found an issue, and I just decided to give up.

For some reason, I NEVER had a problem with P3D v3. It's just installation, and BOOM, it's working! I'm not too sure why FSX:SE is so unforgiving with this plane, so if anyone
wants to fly this, I recommend P3D v3.

Test #1 - FAILED

Installation completed - No errors

Aircraft loaded - No errors

Scenario loaded - "Aircraft initialization" message popped up with loading bar - No errors

END RESULT: Gauges black, no landing gear.

I've had this problem MANY times before with FSXSE, and never had it in P3D v3.

Test #2 - FAILED

Installation completed - No errors

Aircraft loaded - No errors

Scenario loaded - "Aircraft initialization" wasn't present, and I was skeptical it was going to crash again.

END RESULT: "Aircraft initialization" was popping up for a dew seconds, then the game went black, and crashed.

This was the first time I saw this. Also, keep in mind, when I first flew this plane, it was about 1 year ago, and the "Aircraft initialization" wasn't there.
At the time, it was "FSL_ConcX.dll loading" or something like that. So, I was surprised to see a different message box when loading.

This test was done WITHOUT SERVICE PACK 2

Test #3 - SUCCESS?????

 Installation completed - No errors

Aircraft loaded - No errors

Scenario loaded - "FSL_ConcX.dll" message box now??

END RESULT: Aircraft loaded!!!! But, the game crashed for about 2 minutes with an "Error 1044" and I have posted this a long time ago on AVSIM, but wasn't able to get it fixed because I switched to P3D.

So, I heard MOST crashes are due to incompatibility with Windows 10. 
Now, I can't do much about this, because I don't own Windows 7, and reinstalling everything is just not worth my time and there's no guarantee that it'll work in Windows 7.

I recommend anybody who wants to fly a good Concorde, buy P3D and the ConcX for P3D v3. FSX:SE is very buggy, and P3D v3 has advantages over FSX:SE anyways.

However, I WILL NOT be using the Concorde X. It's just unstable with Windows 10 and FSX:SE, and i'll be waiting on the P3D v4 version that FsLabs might bring out.

So as of now, I'll be flying Concordless. But this was for people who wanted a Concorde, and will hopefully read this so they know to get P3D instead because with all this stuff happening I don't think it's worth it.

Have a good day!

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