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This reminds me of the jet landings now allowed at London Business Airport. I have been a passenger for a number of flights and can say they are steep approaches, and is now open to jet planes (including Airbus a318 to New York and a number of Embrears'). 

I have just bought the Madrid Airport and it also seems to have a steep hill before the approaches. Therefore, the only thing I can think of is to configure my a318 for landing, turn the autopilot off long after I see 4 white lights (keeping the aircraft level), otherwise I'm going to hit a hill on approach. The problem for me is that I don't know when to start the nose-down between the hilltop and managing to get to the start of the runway without a heavy landing??


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Hi Gary,

Assuming you're referring to Madrid Barajas (MAD/LEMD) -- whilst there is certainly terrain around, the worst of it to the north is more than 20nm away and all the approaches have standard 3 degree glideslopes.

Provided you follow the published instrument approach procedures you will be fine!

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Normal approaches are -3.00° in average. sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. LCY has a slope of -5.5°, and as you can see in the sim the papi's are quite high-looking. I don't have madrid yet, but some airports have specific terrain approach procedures. As soon as you respect the RNAV and the Vnav altitude, no worries. ON some dangerous airports, you may get "terrain terrain" callouts. If you have visual and/or terrain radar, then no problem either. Sometimes it may look like you're too low, but once you're onto the glideslope, just make sure the papi's show two whites two reds at the highest. If you have done an autoland, you'll see that the aircraft goes a bit under the GS before flare, to touch right in the touchpad. 

BTW, if you have ever flown the 318 into LCY, there's a specific procedure:

-STEEP APCH button on (for specific "standby standby flare" callouts and engine management )

-Speedbrakes go to extended as they will be managed by the computers as well

-don't know if it's part of it but your Vref should be under 135ias. Makes it a loot more easier.

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