Questions: FSX Area51 U-2S Altitude Problems, .air, .cfg

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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased the Area51 Simulations U-2S for FSX about a week ago and I CANNOT get it to exceed 60,000 feet without great difficulty.  I have only been able to do so when I set a.) both the fuel AND payload to “0” and b.) the weather conditions to “clear skies”.  In all cases, I have used the autopilot to reach these altitudes.  I completely understand that the aircraft requires a great deal of time to cruise-climb to altitude, but other users of the product claim that they are able to reach altitudes in excess of 70-80,000 feet.  Is there anything I can do?  I have attempted to contact Area51 about this problem, but responses have not been forthcoming.  I have also looked into modifying the aircraft .cfg, but I would rather not have to do that unless it is absolutely necessary.

As I understand it, from researching posts on Flightsim and SOH, the problem appears to lie with the updated .air file for this aircraft in FSX.  Originally, Area51 released two iterations of this aircraft several years ago for FSX (circa 2010?); the second version containing an updated .air and .cfg file.  Users encountering this altitude problem in the newer version swapped out the updated .air file for the original one, which solved the issue.  Unfortunately, Area51 only sells the updated version for FSX.   Is it possible to somehow obtain the original .air and .cfg files at this time without violating payware regulations?   What procedures should I follow? 

If there is any way you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.  I promise and assure you that I have no intention of illegally selling or profiting from this information; I’m just trying to enhance and enjoy my own personal experience of flying this amazing and unique aircraft as close to the actual U-2S performance envelope as possible.

Thanks very much for your help!!

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