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Little Navmap stuck on x plane connection/database

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LNM is such an excellent programme for which I would like to thank Alex. However there is one complication that I cannot solve whatever I do. I am using P3dv4 but the scenery library in Navmap is stuck on X plane in the library dialogue. There are no other options and the reset option is greyed out, as is the dialogue for loading a scenery.cfg.

I suspect it is a simconnect issue. The KEY THING is which simconnect version is required on either or both computers? There is enormous confusion about this because there are so many different versions of simconnect.- specifically that there are two different Sp2 simconnect iterations, one being FSX SP2 simconnect (prior to FSX Acceleration), then there is simconnect Sp1, RTM, ESP, Sp2, then Xpack versions. The only way to really sort this out is to have clear and specific VERSION NUMBERS of the correct simconnect for P3dv4 on both computers. Quoting Sp2/Xpack/ESP etc doesn't properly identify the precise version numbers of the simconnect msi installer or dll files.

The clearest way to do this is for Alex to emphatically state EXACTLY which VERSION NUMBER ( etc  of simconnect is required to successfully run the library options on the client computer, connected to a host computer running P3dv4. And to say whether multiple other version of SImconnect might interfere with the correct version working properly with LNM.  A further confusion is that within the various simconnect installer folders, there are different version numbers between the dll files and the msi installers within the same lib folders! I confirm I have thoroughly read the manual including the part about simconnect versions. However it is not made clear how to overcome this specifically P3dv4 anomoly.

If anyone could please explain precisely what I need to do I would be very grateful. Thank you!

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Hi Robert,

LNM needs the FSX SP2 SimConnect. This is 10.0.61259.0 which is the version number I use in the manifest file here. I load SimConnect dynamically to have full control over the process and I plan to load other versions too in the future to avoid the requirement of SP2: Had no time yet to implement this.

Different SimConnect versions don't interfere with each other. You can install all of them without problems.

Regarding the installation on the flying computer: You already read this in the manual. FSX SP2 is needed.

Regarding the installation on the client/remote/network computer: Neither SimConnect nor a Simulator is needed. See here: How to run a network Setup

Sorry about the version number mess but you should blame MS or LM for that. :wink:

SimConnect and its versions are in general a support intense mess IMO. For X-Plane, as usual, all is much easier.


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Hi Alex,

It's most kind of you to reply so quickly. Thanks so much and I'm sorry to trouble you. OK - so it is ----61259. I wonder whether my slight problem was that I did in fact install Simconnect cfg on the remote computer, and I also wondered why I was occasionally getting reverse connection messages on the host LNconnect app (it announced "connection FROM ip!) Maybe the unneeded simconnect file was causing x plane to be the only option?

Anyway - the programme still worked and I must say it is a work of great elegance and flare, so congratulations to you, and thanks again for the kind reply. I will check I have the correct simconnect installed.


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Thank you a lot for the kind words, Robert.

Installing SimConnect on the remote is not needed but should do no harm. X-Plane is always displayed in LNM because there is no reliable way to find an X-Plane installation on a computer.

Do not change the Simconnect.cfg . It can keep LNC/LNM and also other programs from connecting to the simulator. Already had such cases.
I do not use the simconnect remote network functionality. That's why I implemented LNC.


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