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Fly Elise Immersive LCD Pro

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My system is:
Windows 10
3 LCD screens (50" ultra HD TV screens)

Full 737 cockpit using mainly Opencockpits hardware


I am trying to use the Fly Elise Immersive LCD Pro software to correct (warp) the visual display across the 3 screens but the Step by Step Guide that Fly Elise produce only details an example for Prepar3D although they sell the software as suitable for FSX.

My question to them was:
Can you tell me where the FSX file is that I need to modify with the exported information from LCD Pro?

The Step by Step Guide only gives an example for Prepar3D and a reference to a *.fxml file and the following instructions:

> Open the FSX/Prepar3D .fxml file and delete all xml sections for Window and

> Camera (Ex:
<Section Name="Window.x">

<Section Name="Camera.x.x">

Where do I do this in FSX?


The reply I received back from them was this:

Go to FSX and save your flight. Give it a distinctive name,
Then you can find this file in the directory where the files are saved.
If the file is saved as fxml then you can use the content from the
exported fxml file and paste it to the saved fxml flight.
If the flight is saved as flt, then you can contact FSX support for
saving to fxml format.


Is it possible in FSX to save a flight as fxml rather than flt?

Hope you can help as Fly Elise seem to be quite poor in their support of this product for FSX and basically say use Prepar3D.

I do have Prepar3D V4 but I really don't want at this stage to migrate to Prepar3D as I have a vast amount of scenery addon software.




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Looking at their site, it looks like the "Ultimate" version (expensive sucker) is the one that works for FSX/P3D.

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