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Most fun I've had recently

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I love flying, but things can become seemingly redundant sometimes. I just purchased "Tapini" from Orbx and also installed Holgers "free" mesh for that area (also found at Orbx). I've  had the most fun trying to get around in that area, like leaving TAP and looking for FINE. The valleys between the mountains are quite deep and can be pretty narrow and the little village "strips" can be quite a chore to get to on the first try. (they are half way down the Mt. slopes and the strips themselves are sloped). I do pretty well with the Baron that I slipped into 4.4 (didn't want to trust keeping my DA62 in pristine shape) and the default Maul is just a little flaky. I tried the Twin Otter (it manages the altitude differences just great, but it make the small strips a little cramped for getting turned around). If one gets a wander lust, one might just try "Tapini"  

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