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Did something way out of the ordinary today

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I bought myself two add ons as a late holiday present to myself, both aircraft add-ons for Xplane11--one the MDLC Mig 15/17 and the other the Alabeo 177 for Xplane, which will replace their default 172 as my go to aircraft for short hops, like my breakdown cruise from Hayward to Reno today.

I may buy something for P3DV4 too tomorrow (so my debit card company does not freak out seeing three online purchases today).  I love buying add-ons to invest in our hobby.  All of us here in one way or another have worked to keep it alive since the 80's (or for the younger ones, the 90's or this century).  What our hobby has also done is bring simple folk like me behind the panel of real GA aircraft, given the head start the sims instrument training gave me and gives us.  My CFI was so comfortable with me taking off first lesson, and landing first lesson, and would have soloed me fifth lesson had I not bought a house for my wife and changed priorities until retirement.  Next year I will take lessons again, either in light sport or full GA, with the goal of becoming an instructor, since I am a teacher and coach by training in spite of my technical background in Information Technology.

I do not buy many scenery add-ons due to space issues.  I wish I could, but I'd have to dump my movie library which I keep on my computer to spare my DVD drive wear and tear.  I also keep my music library on my system for the same reason, with my cell phone as my backup when i want to listen to something when I take real flights or drives.

During the holiday I am so grateful for the contributors here, the forum mods, forum members, and background developers who make our hobby fresh and fun.  As a student pilot I have flown less than ten real aircraft, but the sims allow me many more.  With my training no way could I step into a real Phantom Jet, or a real 737-800, and fly it.  I could hand fly them in an emergency and I'd probably land in the grass, not on the runway, given they are not as responsive as what I have flown in real life, plus all those doo-dads to look at, understand, and touch the wrong button and the autopilot stalls the aircraft or its a gear up landing, or the oxygen masks deploy....


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