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Help with panning

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Hey there,

Been using CP for the past year without problems; recently moved to a new PC with a clean install of P3Dv4 and now facing two weird issues with Chaseplane - any help on what I could be doing wrong here will be massively appreciated! 

1) Panning with hat switch in the default P3D spot view -> I've assigned the hat switch in CP to the up/down/left/right as per normal; up and down work fine, but left and right always reset to default position when first pressed (i.e., I can pan left around the plane, but if I then move right it "jumps" from wherever the camera is to the default position and then starts moving right.) - I have triple checked and the hat switch is not assigned in the simulator. I know the default camera can cause some issues; but this was never a problem on my old PC (i.e., I know it can work; it just isn't working for whatever reason on the new PC)

2) When using the chaseplane external views, panning works as expected; however there is a momentary "flash" / jitter as I start the pan - looks like the P3D window is losing focus for a milisecond just as the pan commences

Any ideas what could be going on/ideas to try to resolve this? I've fiddled with the settings and been through the forum looking for similar issues/possible fixes but so far not getting any joy?

Thanks in advance!

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We don't officially support the default P3D views.

Make sure you create a custom view to replace the Spot view. You might like that one: https://oldprop.com/cp/p/6B81AF

For the jumping movements, make sure you remove the hat switch from your P3D controls, they will conflict otherwise

Hope it helps!

Keven Menard 
Co-Founder and Developer, OldProp

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