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GTN 750 flightplans import doesnt work (resolved)

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Hi, i just bought gtn 750 and try to figure out how to properly import flightplans. I tried almost everything and did not help. I put the .gfp file from starter pack to C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN but still there is no Import Button at all. My Garmin Trainers and reality xp are in the default location - didnt change the instalation patch. I done some printscreen - first is regedit shows paths - https://ibb.co/5T9vzLY ProgramData - https://ibb.co/dB177Dy and log from Garmin shows path:


01-03-2019 09:52:53.0931 +01:00 - [Info]    Created Logger at C:\Users\darek\AppData\Local\Temp\Garmin\Trainers\Launcher\Logs\trainer_launcher_2019-01-03T08_52_53.0618682Z.log
01-03-2019 09:52:53.0931 +01:00 - [Info]    Command line arguments: C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers\Launcher\Aviation_Trainer_Launcher.exe
01-03-2019 09:52:53.1243 +01:00 - [Info]    Searching for old log files. Currently set to keep 25.
01-03-2019 09:52:53.1712 +01:00 - [Info]    [Startup action][Deployment Logging] Started
01-03-2019 09:52:53.1868 +01:00 - [Info]    [Startup action][Deployment Logging] Deployment paths:
                                                Bin:    C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers\
                                                Data:    C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\
                                                User:    C:\Users\darek\AppData\Local\Garmin\Trainers\Launcher
                                                TEMP:    C:\Users\darek\AppData\Local\Temp\Garmin\Trainers\Launcher

No import button on GTN 750 - https://ibb.co/hdT5F3L



Another thing is that i totally dont understand "Configuring Alternate Paths" in the manual. Its so annoying because i bought this product for this import function. Please help me or i will be forced to get refund. 


Sorry for my bad english.

Kind Regards



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8 hours ago, darrro87 said:

its working now 🙂 please close topic

In closing, would you please post what you found to overcome the issue in your case.  Will be helpful to other new users coming here for answers.  We learn from all of our collective experiences.  That is what makes Avsim so great!

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Frank Patton

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Ofcourse - in my case i have to rightclick on gfp file, properties, then "unlock" the file - it seems that win10 blocked file from the internet - it does that in every single file i downloaded from the internet


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