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VRinsight MCP

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Hi guys!

I have been flying P3D for 3 years now and i want to step up my game by starting to build up a "casual" home cockpit. I have laid my eyes on the MCP from VRinsight and i think i will buy it soon. Do any of you know, if it is worth it and what is up with the prices? I have looked everywhere and it costs about 500 everywhere i saw it. But on VRinsights site, it states that it costs 310 euros with free shipping? 

Is that possible?


Thanks for all the help

Happy landings

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I have been flying regularly now for the past 4-5 years with the VRI Boeing 2 MCP. Apart from the first one I bought being replaced, due to one of the pots going AWOL, it has been very reliable. The rotary switches can prove a little flimsy, but not overly so. The neat thing about the product is that it comes complete with EFIS and a radio panel, which is great. It also has a line of customisable push buttons which proves useful for assigning other functions. The only downside, and it is a pretty big downside, is their seems to be no real tech support other than the item in question going back to Korea, or wherever they are made; at least that was the situation back when I had my initial issues. It took 7 weeks to get a conclusion to the issue! So the product is pretty sound, but if I were to buy any further hardware, I would only do so based on the ability to have some kind of tech backup. I have been quite interested in the 737 Overhead pro panel that VRI produce, but sadly due to this situation, it's highly unlikely I will drop the kind of money this unit costs without any assurance of having after sales support. You're right about the price on their website... that's a darrn lot cheaper than what I paid for the panel!

P3Dv4, Asus Z170-A MB, i7-6700 Skylake @ 4.5ghz, Asus GTX1080ti 11Gb GPU, 16gb RAM@3200Mhz, SSD/1Tb+P3D.v4.4, SSD/500Gb+OS, Western Digital 1Tb HD + Storage, Ocz 750 PSU, Philips BDM4350UC 43" 4K IPS, 2 x 17" Dell @ 1920x1200. PFC Yoke, Warthog throttle system, Saitek combat pedals, Saitek switch and radio panels, VRinsight Boeing 2 MCP.


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