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Dear folks,

I have seen some confusion lately about how my software works - ie is it an app, can it be found in the App Store, is it free or not, etc.

If you are new here and have similar questions, then this post is for you!

  • How does it work?
    • 'Remote Server' (the actual executable is called SimServer.exe) is a standard Windows application and runs on your FlightSim PC. What it does is it connects to FlightSim (FSX or P3D) and communicates with the different add-ons that are compatible. At the same time, Remote Server spawns a web server and waits for a browser to connect
    • Your mobile device's browser is used to connect to Remote Server within your local network (so your mobile device's WiFi needs to be active and needs to be connected to the same network your FlightSim PC is connected to). As such, there is no 'App' needed from the Apple AppStore or Google's PlayStore. All you need is a browser which makes this solution so compatible.
    • A lot of effort has been put into the User Experience so that the CDU or EFB 'feel' right. Safari on Apple and Chrome on Android allow you to add web-sites to the home-screen and by doing so, you will see no difference between running a native app (so an app that you install from the different Stores) and a so-called web-app (like in this case). The ReadMe documentation gives you details on how to do this.
    • Note: the Remote Overhead Client, which is also contained in the .zip file, is somewhat different. Please take a look at the ReadMe.pdf for further details.
  • Where do I download it from?
  • Do I need to pay for it?
    • Depends! When you download the Remote Server, you will not have licenses for any of the add-ons. This will put Remote Server into 'view only' mode, meaning that you can see the content of the CDU/EFB on your mobile device but not make any inputs. Ie if you click on a button, you will get a warning stating that no license has been found.
    • If you decide to purchase a license for a specific add-on, the 'view-only' limitation is removed for that add-on and inputs will be forwarded to FlightSim.
    • The 'view-only' mode allows you to test the connection and make sure you are good to go before deciding to buy a license. This is in part to avoid any frustration people get when buying something that doesn't immediately work (been there, seen that).
  • How do I buy a license?
    • All purchases are done through the Remote Server application running on your Windows PC. When you start SimServer.exe, you will see a small icon in your task tray (the lower right corner of your desktop, where you have the clock). Right-clicking the icon opens a menu with different options, including sending a 'License Request'. If your PC is connected to the internet, you can send a license request directly. If not, you can save a license request file (.licreq) and send it to me via e-mail. Further details can be found in the ReadMe.pdf
  • How much does a license cost?
    • 10€ for each CDU or EFB license
    • 15€ for the Remote Overhead Client
  • How many devices can I connect at the same time?
    • There is no limitation! You can connect different devices, running different operating systems, all at once.

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1 hour ago, lao said:

How can I zip these file in Ipad.?

You shouldn't need to do that.

Make sure you read this:


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