FSx Flight lessons?

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Real world pilot here, Ive used FSx and recommend it as most do in aviation. Heard some chatter about prepard.
I would like to start to use p3d except, I haven't been able to get a clear answer on how to transfer GA planes from FSx and more importantly the lessons found in Fsx (the ones commented by rob ) ((were you can read and then fly after.

I like many real life pilots find this as an invaluable resource that i havnet heard from any flight sim. This is the only reason why i tell students to use FSx!

Does this sim include those lessons or is there a way to load them if i legally own both software?


PS Ive never used add ons or try to change code or anything like that, ive only used the software right out the package!

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I would recommend keeping both Sims on your computer.  You can run FSX to play around in the lessons and be chided by the "evil witch" and Rod when you screw up and seem to not be paying attention.

If you are running P3D v4, you will need GA aircraft that are compatible..

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P3D did not retain the rights to FSX's lessons and missions.  It can't hurt to keep both - FSX:SE frequently goes on sale in Steam for 50 to even 75 percent off.

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Hey thanks for the replies!

I put that because, being around airports (schools) I want to give the best recommendations to new pilots and Ive found prepard runs better than FSX as well as looks better imo?

I would like to try add ons to add new GA aircraft and better ground scenery (airport environment).
I figure if im going through all the trouble Id rather just do it for one sim than try to make 2 sims look and act the way i want, and if i can get prepard dialed in, I think this is the sim Id recommend and I would like to explain to others how easy it is to do.

I feel a good running sim with lessons and real life airports can help future pilots fly in to new places and become familiar.

I just thought you could transfer any GA plane and lessons/missions to prepard but maybe that is not the case?
Is there any unofficial guides on how one can do this (again assuming I own both)?
I see lots of content through google but to the untrained eye it all seems like a mix of partial files...

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