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i understand this may be a difficult request. but i am looking for a (very nice) person to help me with the Linda Tracer tool. I have a registered version of FSUIPC and I have the LINDA tracer. My goal is to program a custom made rotary encoders / flip switches + saitek panels for planes like PMDG or Carenado, which have LVARs and custom functions. I need to be able to press a button in the sim and trace what events and functions are called to then program them into SPAD.NEXT.

I have tried the FSUIPC console and LINDA tracer console and it just lists an insanely fast amount of information.

Is there another way to locate the functions called ? or get a list of functions for a specific add-on aircraft ? 

Maybe just a walk through for tracing a basic function would be VERY MUCH appreciate just to get me started.



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I am not sure that LINDA will enable you to achieve your goals. LINDA works with FSUIPC to handle standard HID devices to provide a convenient and powerful tool to add simple and complex functions to the device buttons (ie. button presses) combined into modules for specific aircraft. It is not suitable for rotary encoders. LINDA provide detailed support for the VRInsight Combo panels for which it was original developed.

The Tracer was developed to aid module designers. It is a detective tool which involves many hours searching for the data/inputs the designer may need to design the module functions. It is divided into 3 panels.

  • Lau Variables - most add-on aircraft use Lvars to store data, switch positions and commands. Many have understandable names but others not. You reload the current Lvars by clicking on the top link. Clicking on an Lvar with display its current value in the LINDA Console (a live copy of the FSUIPCx.log). One on more Lvars can be monitored while you operate simulated switches and buttons by selecting them and clicking Start. It is not advised to click Start All. You can also toggle the data held in the Lvar between 2 values (default 0 and 1) at the bottom to see the effect.
  • FSUIPC Offsets - these are the offsets defined in the FSX Offsets document (in /modules/fsuipc documents). You can watch these offsets as they change in appropriate format (eg. unsigned double, decimal, binary, etc). Favourite offset values can be defined and monitored in the console. Not all aircraft (especially the more sophisticated ones like FSLabs) conform to the original FSX data values: they use there own internal variables instead.
  • FSX Controls - these are standard control values (see link above) employed by FSX and P3D to control or set specific values. They are referenced using a numerical code and name. Again, not all aircraft comply with these values.

Use the various options at the foot of the Console to set the level of analysis, monitored values and filters to aid the search for the information you want.

There is no means of seeing what LINDA functions are related to specific Lvars, offsets or controls. This can only be done my searching for values in the module LUA code using the LINDA Editor. You can get a list of available functions in an aircraft module by loading an aircraft and clicking the List Functions link on the LINDA Summary page.

Analysing aircraft and developing modules requires a good knowledge of programming and the skills of a detective. It is not something I can lead users through here. The descriptions above should give you a useful start.


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