Aerosoft A320 lua Command Question

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I'm trying to write a lua function to set the brightness of the 4 main display panels  PFD, ND, ECAMU (ECAM Upper) and ECAML (ECAM Lower) all to 50% but I cannot find what the appropriate LUA script is to do each of these.

I actually don't want to assign an increment and decrement function but rather set all 4 displays to 50% with one assignment.

Can someone help me with what the scripts are need to do this in a function I want to write?

When I run the tracer I see AB_MPL_PFD_Power=12 and so on as I move the dial but am not sure of the format to issue a settings command I tried what I stated with a 50 value but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Joe

The cockpit display settings use the Lvar you identified and there are functions provided (eg. AB_MPL_PFD_Power_) that control these values - search the Airbus actions.lua file in Editor to find them. The Lvars vary from 0 to 20. It the InitVars() function you will find that the default OnVar is set at 16. You can change this to 12 and call AB_MPL_PFD_Power_on() to set it. Similar functions are provided for ND, ND Radar, ECAMU and ECAML.

To read the LVar you use:
    val = ipc.readLvar("AB_MPL_PFD_Power")

and write values (0 to 20) to it using:
        ipc.writeLvar("AB_MPL_PFD_Power", val)

Tip: Place new and modified functions in user.lua file. These are loaded after actions.lua and override existing functions of the same name. 

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Thanks again for your help!

I found the correct functions and now see the range is 0 to 20 I was unaware of the range. I was able to create the additional custom functions to my user.lua file that I had already made some entries and they work beautifully.

One thing that I haven't figured out how to use repeatedly is the Trace function. When I initiate it with my Aerosoft A320 it displays a quick long list and then nothing else. I'll have to read up on the Trace capabilities a bit so I can use this feature to help me find function names and values more effectively.

Thanks again


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Glad you are getting things to work. When using the Tracer it is best to select just one or two variables to follow. Otherwise you will, as your experienced, get a very, very long list. Use pause and resume to provide some control and enable you to see what is happening. Avoid model data that is changing constantly.

When dealing with a Flt Sim (or even a real aircraft) concentrate on outputs you need (normally that displayed) and on inputs (button/knob operations) - the pilot interface. This is the way to control what we need to fly aircraft better. Avoid injecting values deep in the model.

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