Setting up Pilot2ATC on 3 networked computers with Prosim737

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Hi all,

I am in need of some advice on setting up Pilot2ATC on 3 x networked computers basically using P3D v4.2, ActiveSky, Prosim737 and PFPX. Have tried using Vatsim, but the quaity of voice is terrible & often muffled, and ATC is rarely available in Australia at both the departure or arrival airports (or at any airport), so l would like a program like Pilot2ATC so l have constant ATC that l can talk and interact with on every flight. Whilst l don’t need all the features of Pilot2ATC as l am happy using Navigraph and it’s moving map on an iPad, the PTT feature is really what l am after.


My setup is:

a.  Computer 1 - P3D  v4.2   /  ActiveSky  /  Ultimate Traffic Live 

b.  Computer 2 - ProSim737 (including the headphones, microphones and PTT button control through Prosim737)

c.  Computer 3 - ProsimUtilities  /  PFPX and TOPCAT

d.  Projectors x 3

e.  Full 1:1 scale Flightdeck Solutions 737 with an extra 10” monitor insiide the cockpit on the glareshield for soley the Pilot2ATC screen 


So the questions are:

1. Will this even work so l can get voice through the headphones and be able to speak through the microphones as this will l guess need to come or be linked through Prosim737 on Compiter 2

2. Which computer should Pilot2ATC be loaded onto (Computer 1, 2  or 3)?  All are networked.

3. In setting it up on the specific computer,  will it then just talk to the already other networked computers?

3. Has anyone got a similar system, and how did you set it up?

4. Finally, and not related to setting up Pilot2ATC, due to weather changes during flight, occasionally the destination runway changes, so l will change (or in some cases even finalise) the STAR/Approach during the flight on the FMC. Will Pilot2ATC allow for this or does it all have to be finalised befor the flight?


More than happy to pay anyone for their time to get this working as l am totally lost on how to do it even after watching the videos and looking through the manual.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.






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