My fun and games getting the GTN750 to work

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I thought I would share this in case someone else experiences the same problem.

I purchased the GTN 750 yesterday, specifically to add it to the FJS Dash 8 Q400. The install all seemed to go well, I added the .ini file to position the unit in the plane but I got no display (the original MFD display was still showing). right clicking on the display brought up the GTN 750 popup, which was completely blank. I came to these forums and read through a whole load of possible solutions with none of them working and worked out that the problem seemed to lie with the Garmin Trainer software. It would crash every time I tried to load it without the sim running. One post I saw recommended upgrading graphics drivers, but I always keep mine on more-or-less the latest WHQL drivers, so I discounted that. I tried an older version of the trainer software with the same result.

At this stage I had basically given up, I removed all the various bits of software, reloaded them all and was about to start collecting the various log files to post here in a plea for help - while I was waiting for the install I was digging through the layers of folders that Garmin Trainer creates in a crash and found a file that referenced an AMD display driver file as the faulting module - I then went and checked my drivers and somehow they had reverted to version 17.1.1 (the first release in 2017)! It seems that Windows had decided that the January drivers were newer than the December ones I was using, completely disregarding the year and, helpfully, "upgraded" them for me. A quick download and install of the Jan 2019 WHQL drivers (by now any major issues would have been reported) and everything worked perfectly.

So, basically, even when you KNOW you have current drivers, double check, hehe - I could have saved myself hours of fiddling.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing! It is so lame Windows doing this behind your back and I can't imagine how much frustration this must spread among gamers in general.

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