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I plan to connect two computers running XP 11 with the Real Sim Gear 430 run by one computer.  anyone know if I will have to have the RXP software on both computers?  if so can I use the coupon to get the second copy on the other computer?

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Anyone know if we get free "lifetime" software upgrades to the RXP software?  i.e if i get RXP 430 and they upgrade it will i be able to download the update for free?


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Our EULA grants you the right to install the product on two computers provided you don't run both at the same time. This is typical of a desktop + laptop kind of use/install.

I'm not sure running our plugin on 1 X-Plane connected to another X-Plane works, but if it does, there should be no need for installing twice? You'd install only on the computer where you connect the hardware?

The coupon is not for purchasing a 2nd 'same' product at discounted price. It is for purchasing a 2nd 'complementary' product in order to complete you collection: 530+430 or 750+650.

Products updates are most likely free. You can track some of the latest release notes in our forums, and find the RSS feeds on our website for the complete notes.

As for upgrades, we can't comment on future releases.

We've traditionally be quite honest to our customer's loyalty though: most upgrades have been released free except where work involved, generally due to technological gaps (whether in the simulator platforms or in our products) warranted a new product purchase (with discount coupons for existing customers during an introductory period).

Nowadays, we're no longer have the luxury of a simulator platform which never updates over time. There are nearly constant X-Plane and Prepar3d updates with a short simulator life cycle (couple of few more years max). Each of these induces additional support, technical challenges (what about Vulkan in next X-Plane), adding new features exploiting the simulator novelties (VR for example), and probably new SDK altogether (which is to be expected I'm certain for P3D5 and XP12). Therefore, I tend to think we can't sustain a business with lifetime free upgrades anymore.

Nevertheless, by the time there is an upgrade, you'll certainly find out your Reality XP purchase has been an investment worth its value for all the hours flying with it. How many add-ons do you have you fly with nearly every day, with any aircraft, anywhere in the simulated world?

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