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I just downloaded a POH for the Piper Seminole PA44 180T and was looking through the "Performance Section" to get some numbers to go by to use for a test flight....for X Plane and I'm in a learning process here. In this section they have some tables with different RPM and Manifold pressure settings for different altitudes. As you get to the higher altitudes say from 14,000ft up to the 20,000ft. ceiling limit there's a lot of RPM and MP settings left blank...there might be some RPM settings but no MP settings or vise versa and I'm wondering why that is. from what I understand the turbo version of the Seminole ceiling is around 20,000ft. but many of the settings above 14,000 are left blank so what settings are you supposed to go by for those altitudes? One reason I'm asking is I want to do a test flight up to maybe 18,000ft but would like to have some numbers and settings to go by. There are plenty up to 14,000 but then it starts to thin out a bit...there "might" be a few RPM settings for 16,000 but no MP settings and same with 18,000ft...the higher the altitude the less information there is. Thanks.

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Never mind. I figured it out...I didn't understand exactly what those performance tables were saying. It will get up to 20,000ft...I overlooked a few things.

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