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  1. Thanks guys! I understand the security issue and agree. I'm on DSL and the X Plane 11 demo I tried to download said it would take 10 hours...well that's out so what's someone like me to do if I wanted to get the whole simulation?
  2. Ok so when I'm flying and using downloaded real weather X Plane gets validated then? I'm using the disks and have disk 1 in the drive when flying although there have been times when I didn't need it. I remember back in the day when I didn't have to be online to do anything but if I wanted to connect with the internet then I'd have to use dial-up. Now it seems whenever I turn on my computer I'm automatically online....like I don't have a choice anymore. I think some of the games that come with your computer...like card games or whatever don't require you to be online but other than that I'm not sure if there's anything you can do that doesn't require an online connection now that I think about it. Makes it easy for the Government to keep track of everyone.
  3. Will273

    Cessna Twin Explosion and Crash Yesterday

    Seems these days journalism is no different than internet discussions. When I read an article from the news media I'll go straight to the comment section to get the real story...I find more accurate information there.
  4. What do you mean by having to fly online? I understand some software might require you to use their server but other than that...I don't get it. I fly a lot with X Plane and use real weather every time which comes from the internet but I'm not on any server...that I'm aware of. Does using real weather from the internet qualify me as using an internet connection?
  5. Yea...That's what I needed to do...browse the folder. Instead I was typing it in...possibly wrong a few times but the browsing did the trick. Thanks!
  6. I got it running! Seems I didn't have the path down correctly and it couldn't find X Plane. I thought I wrote the path correctly but maybe I didn't so I ended up doing a copy/paste like thing and now it works. Kind of reminds me of the olds days of DOS...before Windows ever came around...yea there was flight simulation back then too...Sublogic. Anyway after a lot of frustration I "think" it's working. I shut everything down and now I'm taking a break and will check it out again later today and do a test flight. I saw in the manual it can be installed anywhere but thought I might be misunderstanding it but you're correct...anywhere works. Thanks for replying HumptyDumpty and letting me know that.
  7. Just got this for X Plane 10 but not exactly sure about the installation and how it connects to X Plane. It says it doesn't have to be installed in a simulation folder but I installed it to my E: drive where X Plane is...since it says it doesn't matter. Thought it would be better to keep them close. Anyway it's not in the X Plane folder...just in the same E: drive...separate folders. So I downloaded real weather in FSGRW with X Plane weather set not to download real weather but I'm not getting anything. I know I'm doing something wrong but wasn't sure exactly what. I don't understand how the two are supposed to connect if they're in separate folders. I think I didn't install it correctly so I deleted the installation and want to start again with a better understanding of what needs to be done. It also said to have X Plane running before you run FSGRW....I think...and if that's so...exactly how's that done. When I run X Plane it's full screen so how do I close it and open the FSGRW? Besides...I still don't understand how the two connect...how does the weather get transferred...seems they have to connect somehow. I don't use any add-ons except a few aircraft because I know how to install those...stuff like this I normally stay away from. Hope someone can get started here. Thanks.
  8. Just trying to understand the Garmin 430 and 530 better. I read in the X Plane Garmin Manual it said to delete any flight plans that are in the GPS before you put in another...ok got it. Then it says you can save your flight plans too so how do you save them if you're suppose to delete them...not sure how that works yet. I did make a couple of simple plans yesterday that had about 4 or 5 waypoint...about a 50 mile trip. When I click the flight plan button and turn the knob to the second page I see both plans. So what gets deleted when you delete a plan and how many plans can be stored...like do you run out of storage space eventually? Do you have to "save" a plan for it to be stored and use again? I was trying this out on a couple of Aerosphere's planes and getting a lot of CTD trying to load, save and delete a plan. Tried it on some other aircraft and didn't have any problems so there might be a conflict with how my system's setup Aerosphere's planes. Can anyone explain how the saving and deleting flight plans work?
  9. Problem solved! Switched my CH Eclipse Yoke to my Logitech 3D Extreme which has a throttle lever but no prop or mixture lever and I can now use the mouse to control throttle, prop and mixture. Seems the CH Yoke was taking over so now I just need to decide which one I want to use.
  10. Well it should work about the same with most platforms I'd think. Thanks for trying though Mark.
  11. Thanks Mark...I'll have another look and let you know. I checked again...no go. In X Plane I assigned all the axis...I'm not using CH Software...just X Plane calibration. I assigned the throttle, prop and mixture to throttle, prop and mixture. In the drop down box I did see the throttle 1, throttle 2, prop 1, prop 2 and mixture 1 & 2 but left those alone. Still I had to check the reverse box next to prop and mixture to get them to work correctly. That's all I know. Is there another place to look where they might be assigned differently? Actually when I go to choose the axis it already has throttle, prop and mixture highlighted and when I click the up/down arrows to see the menu to choose the axis it doesn't have throttle, prop or mixture by themselves...it has them all listed as throttle1, throttle 2, prop 1 and prop 2, prop 3 and prop 4, same with mixture...there is no throttle, prop or mixture without a number next to them...like just throttle or prop but like I said it does have them showing as set to throttle, prop and mixture when I first go to the axis page.
  12. I'm starting to get into twin engines like the Baron 58 and Seminole and am noticing I can use the throttle, prop and mixture levers fine in both aircraft with my CH Yoke. I can also use the mouse to control both prop and mixture levers individually but not the throttle for some reason. I can drag one throttle lever with the mouse but it will just come right back to where it was...won't stay where I drag it...the others work fine. Any ideas?
  13. Will273

    POH Manuals

    Never mind. I figured it out...I didn't understand exactly what those performance tables were saying. It will get up to 20,000ft...I overlooked a few things.
  14. Will273

    POH Manuals

    I just downloaded a POH for the Piper Seminole PA44 180T and was looking through the "Performance Section" to get some numbers to go by to use for a test flight....for X Plane and I'm in a learning process here. In this section they have some tables with different RPM and Manifold pressure settings for different altitudes. As you get to the higher altitudes say from 14,000ft up to the 20,000ft. ceiling limit there's a lot of RPM and MP settings left blank...there might be some RPM settings but no MP settings or vise versa and I'm wondering why that is. from what I understand the turbo version of the Seminole ceiling is around 20,000ft. but many of the settings above 14,000 are left blank so what settings are you supposed to go by for those altitudes? One reason I'm asking is I want to do a test flight up to maybe 18,000ft but would like to have some numbers and settings to go by. There are plenty up to 14,000 but then it starts to thin out a bit...there "might" be a few RPM settings for 16,000 but no MP settings and same with 18,000ft...the higher the altitude the less information there is. Thanks.
  15. Will273


    Thanks very much snglecoil...that's what I wanted to know.