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  1. Sorry for my part in all this and thanks to the Mods for letting it go on as long as it did...until next year Cheers!😉
  2. The Government isn't one homogenous entity...YET....but it is working and heading in that direction. It is very possible to get that many people and organizations together and it is happening as we speak...it's everywhere. You've heard of The World Health Organization and everything linked to it...The New World Order...One World and other names like that...see how many countries are connected to those names. The G7 Summit for instance...just read that Japan is the only country in that group that is not going along with same sex marriages like the other countries are but in time I'm sure they will change thier minds....that's just scratching the surface. This New World Order is being slowly massaged into every government...it''s so silky smooth and slow you don't even notice it...until it's there. I see things happening in one country then expanding into others...things happening in Europe slowly start happening in the USA and other countries and before you know it's spead like a wildfire and can't be put out. How things are measured in Europe using kilometers per hour instead of MPH are slowly coming into the USA...liters instead of lbs and ounces...metrics and other things. Socialized Medicine is another thing...nothing wrong with it for Europe as long as it stays in Europe but it's not...it's being pushed down our throats in America...see how all this works and how it's turning into The New World Order...One World Government...anything and everything that's labeled Global is another stepping stone for that. I'm sorry for going off on a rant...there's alot of bad things happening in America that many aren't aware of...it's hard to sit in silence.
  3. How convenient and all this information is coming from where?😉
  4. I'll just say I have my doubts about what comes from the Pentagon and Congress...the media will only be allowed to air what fits their agenda. All this stuff I mention is much bigger and more vast than you realize...it's global...governments and media around the world all work together for a One World Government...they're all in on it...it's the same people spread out around the world to cover the whole planet...again connect the dots and see how it all fits together so nicely.
  5. The stuff has been on all manner of TV networks...let's take a closer look at that..."all manner of TV networks"...HINT: They're all involved...TV is used to spread information and disinformation...depending on who's in charge and who's running the show. TV is global...the TV media works with all governments and most all governments are gearing up for the New World Order and the World Health Organization in order to have a One World Government controlling the whole World...notice how everything around the world has become a global issue like climate change, covid, UFOs, etc. the last few years? Notice how all governments are trying to go digital...they want everything digital...your health information, your money and bank accounts, everything about you and everything you own they want it digital...where you have no control over it but they do...they own you and you will have no say so about it. Once they own everything you do they will own you too. They are closing down retail stores to where everything is bought online with credit cards...money will become a thing of the past and the new money will be digital which Biden and others are pushing through as we speak...I saw and read a document from the White House recently that said exactly that...Biden is moving forward toward a global digital currency. This is the garbage and poison that all TV networks are about including UFOs. I'm mentioning all this because it plays a part of what you're seeing on TV, the media and the government...the UFO stuff is a distraction from what they're really trying to do...take your attention away from the One World Government and digital currency, etc. All of this is going on behind th scenes...in the meantime pay attention to all the UFO stuff in the news...that's what they want you to see and look at. Then one morning you'll wake up and you'll have no money in the bank...it's all been converted into digital currency and you'll need to register with such and such organization to get more information...in the meatime you'll be given tickets for food and clothing and an allowance for rent and transportation provided you live in a 15 minute city. Sounds crazy huh...this guy is nuts! Say want you want but it's all true...proof and evidence is everywhere for all to see...but the catch is you have to use common sense...if that even exists anymore...connect the dots and prove me wrong. The proof is there for what I'm saying...not so much for UFOs. The Nimitz and witnesses...oh boy more witnesses...just what we need. As far as the Pentagon walking out on that...how conventient for them. I'll also add that Biden recently passed a new law that states that anyone spreading misinformation or saying negative things that go against the government online on the internet will be physically tracked down by law enforcement and punished...it's called censorship.
  6. Why would the Pentagon "confirm" something to the public that they want kept secret...you said the Pentagon is telling people not to talk yet they can't keep their mouths shut...tell me how that works. In case you didn't know Senator Schumer is a snake in the grass and all these TV shows you watch this stuff on are all run by Communists. The guy that owns FOX news also owns CNN...let that sink in. All this makes as much sense as the Cocaine found in the White House and they have closed the investigation because they can't find who it belonged to...it's to complex and involved for them to figure out...they just can't do it...it's beyond what they are capable of doing even with all state of the art video cameras. Now...if you believe that then of course you'll believe in UFOs, aliens and everything the government and media tell you...none of it makes sense so naturally everyone will believe it...there's a reason people might be called "sheep".
  7. To me the ATFLIR pod is just film grab from a video game or simulation and it looks like tik tak or whatever the Chinese platform is. Yes there's information about these peoples past but what are they into TODAY. As for the Nimitz and Pentagon...both are a room filled with smoke and mirrors and the Navy and Pentagon have both gone totally WOKE to the Public...in order to feed the sheep. Ah yes...four more witnesses...just what we need...like we don't have enough as it is. As for the ATFLIR...I've seen plenty of videos from C-130 Hercules and Gunship simulations and games that look identical to the footage from that ATFLIR. Do you really believe aliens contacted the Military and if so how...in person or by telephone? Isn't it the Military that has all the information on these UFOs and aliens..what would they want to hide...do they think people would go insane if they found out UFOs were real and they're trying to protect us because they have our wellbeing in mind and we're to stupid to handle that sort of information...we are sheep you know. Sorry...I was wrong if I called Dietrich a guy...I'll call them pilots from here on in...again way to much smoke and mirrors for me...someone needs to put a big fan in the room and blow it out. Find out what these pilots are into TODAY...they're politics and agendas...I tried but found nothing probably because I don't have Top Secret Clearence. I'm not upset with what you're saying so if I come across like a smart-word not allowed I don't mean to...sometimes it's hard to get a point across in a forum without sounding offensive....sorry.
  8. Good music to listen to when watching UFO videos.😉
  9. Both of those guys are as mysterious as the UFOs they witnessed. The only thing we know about them is they say they saw something...no one has a clue what they're into and thier political status. Alex Dietrich's UFO tic tak video.... a Chinese video platform...really? I'm supposed to believe that? Am sure there are plenty of sheep in America and around the world that do believe it which is very sad...people believing anything told to them without an ounce of proof...as long as it comes from the media or government...it must be true...oh how gullible we are indeed!!! Start looking at these witnesses....investigate them...forget the UFOs....investigate them and find out what they're up to....do some background checks on them and see what agendas they're trying to push...are they secretly involved in some global network like some Climate Change Organization, The World Health Organization, Politics, etc? I looked and couldn't find anything...not even a crumb...nothing...which is a big red flag to me. Why are they so mysterious...are they hiding something? I've done research on people before and found they supported organizations I wasn't aware of and led me to believe they weren't exactly what they wanted people to believe they were...they did have a hidden agenda. Not saying these witnesses are the same but I'd need more background info on them before I start beliveing anything they say without having any proof. If you start doing your own research you might find these people and their agendas are more mysterious than the UFOs they want you to believe in.
  10. It's interesting "something" has been going on for a very long time and yet we still don't know anything more now than we did when this first started. You'd think "something" would have been found..."something" everyone could see and touch but after all these years we still have nothing. Also why does the Pentagon only tell "some" people not to talk yet allows others to talk or are those the "special" people...the "chosen few" who are told not to talk...the credible people...but the other "everyday" people like us are allowed to talk...you know...the ones we see in the news who say they saw one....they can talk but those others...the special select few aren't allowed...why would that be? There's more to this than UFOs...actually UFOs have nothing to do with anything....it's all about distraction...getting people to believe this or that when this or that doesn't exist...they are misleading people...mind control for lack of a better word...like trying to get a herd mentality in order to control the masses. How much of the media and government do you believe...how much do you trust what they tell you?
  11. Oh yes...there's something going on alright. One side against the other...the believers and non-believers going at it...sure seems real doesn't it...even have Rep Burchett to talk about it. The stage is set and the actors are in place...the perfect distraction...how could anyone not believe it? It's in the news and media so it must be true right? Politicians and the media wouldn't lie to you or make up things that aren't true would they?
  12. Makes me wonder why all these UFOs only seem to show themselves to a certain select group of people and never a crowded area where many can see and would be video recorded with cell phones but no...that has never happened....it's only those secret select individuals that have the luck to witness a UFO...not to mention most UFOs only come out at night...BOO!
  13. OK...looks like it working....thanks again.
  14. I do see where you liked my post above though so maybe it is working.I'll try both of your suggestions and thanks.
  15. Oh ok....thanks for the heads-up!
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