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  1. Let me know if you find one. Don't think the Diamond DA20 Katana qualifies as LSA but Xhangar has one with a basic looking autopilot...from what I could tell from the photos. I tried the Alabeo Pipersport awhile back but it wouldn't taxi in winds above 8 knots so I stopped messing with it...cool plane though.
  2. I'll check it out but wish LSA aircraft had autopilots....thanks.
  3. If you can crank your settings up X Plane 11 looks quite nice...almost payware. You can max everything out just to have a peek...frame rates might not be good but enough to let you have a look around and see how good it can look.
  4. I'm always doing "something" wrong...just need to figure out what it is...everything's good now. I just need to keep the graphics settings under the limit...which is whatever settings let me pan around the cockpit without any stutters or judder...I use bad weather in cities like Chicago or NYC as test grounds. Not that I fly in those areas a lot but want to know if I need to I can without having to worry about FPS and stuttering. If I'm on final and get a sudden downburst that's going to slam me into the pavement...I want it to be smooth...knowing I can enjoy it.
  5. To late now but I still have X Plane 10...if all else fails. My new setup had an 8GB card. I got the Xforce RTX Pro System...it's good...I just need to find my way around everything. They build computers just for X Plane. Thanks.
  6. Was having trouble using the mouse to change the range of the map...sometimes it works and other times I have to wait until it's ready. It's a known bug but what does work is to assign the range zoom switches on any Garmin to the keyboard instead of using the mouse. I assigned the A and Z keys to zoom in or out and it works great...no pauses or having to wait.
  7. I was using Windows 7 and X Plane 10...now it's Windows 10 and X Plane 11. Trying to find my way around both. I know I asked this before recently and sorry to bring it up again but the numbers they mention in the display adapter do not mention anything about MB or GB...just numbers...no decimal point or anything. I'll try to find the task manager and check it out. Thanks Colonel!
  8. Got a new computer I'm happy with along with X Plane 11. I'm experimenting with the settings but am wondering if I have enough VRAM. I've got an RTX 2080 video card with 8 GB of ram. In my system settings under the display adapter it says I have 8192 Video Memory and Total Available Graphics Memory is 24541....not sure what these numbers are telling me...doesn't have MB or GB next to them so I don't know....also 32GB DDR4 3600RAM. Sitting on the runway at Chicago's Midway Airport in the default Columbia 400...the texture settings rendering option says 701 MB is needed. I'm getting around 35 to 40 FPS but get some stutters when I pan around the cockpit...other than that it flies smoothly. Do I have enough VRAM or am I pushing things a bit. I have pretty much everything on the low side except visual objects which is set to max and anti aliasing at 2. Thanks.
  9. That's good to know...I've noticed in the past I got good FPS in low visibility settings and wondered why...thanks Colonel.
  10. I have an i5 6300...16 gigs RAM and a nvidia GTX 1080 and it runs X Plane 10 default aircraft at the default Preset Medium settings about 60 FPS...at KJFK with real weather...stormy real weather....smooth as silk. Just got a new machine for X Plane 11 though.
  11. Got it and thanks for asking. Getting it set up and finding my way around now. Did a test with the default Cessna 172 and the MD82. Starting at KJFK with downloaded real weather which was very cloudy with ceilings about 1,500 ft....yesterday. About 45 to 50FPS flying around the NYC area in the Cessna 172. Don't know how to fly the MD 82 yet but on the runway I was getting about the same...close to 50 FPS. I don't usually fly in the NYC area but like to use it as a testing ground for FPS or the Chicago area...which ever has the worst weather. Settings were all high with AA at 2 I think....monitor is an LG 36 inch ultra wide. I'm tweaking things a little right now but over all I'm happy with it...Xmas came early!
  12. Didn't know you could do that...cool...I'll keep that in mind if I ever need to download it...thanks.
  13. I always get the DVDs. Yea...I had one disk that needed replacement when I got X Plane 10...they sent a new one and everything's been good. I don't have to worry about download times or the connection going bad half way through then having to start the whole process over again. If I need to reinstall...no problem worrying about the connection, wait times and using the "key" and getting error messages, etc....you'll see. Once you're in the middle of that fiasco you might wish you had the DVDs...then again I guess many people have no problems at all with the downloads...make sure you have a good solid and fast connection though...I'm on DSL so I wouldn't even think about doing it anyway. I'm getting X Plane 11 today myself and will just hope the disks are ok otherwise I'll have to get a new one but once done any reinstall will be easy. Good luck.
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