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Hello team!
I've been eyeballing streaming lately and have set out to attempt to start a channel of my own, but I need some help regarding StreamLabs OBS. I've done a few test streams and it appears that my in-sim FPS are high (usually 40's-60's), but the stream on the other end drops to 2-9FPS every so often. At times the streams is at the high FPS I have in my sim, but then it'll drop under 10FPS. 

After some investigation I saw the FPS drop whenever my GPU usage goes above 90%, I assume that's the issue right there. I've done some researched and watched multiple tip guides that had me edit random settings in StreamLabs, but none have been effective. I think I have a powerful enough PC, I'm just not sure why the stream can be smooth like on my side, as I see some other flight sim streams are. 

Anyone have any experience in streaming P3D (v4)? Any examples of ideal stream settings? 


My rig: GTX 1070 (non Ti) / i7 7700K / 16Gb DDR4 RAM 

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In OBS settings, go to Output, set Output Mode to advanced, set Encoder to x264, set Keyframe Interval to 2, set CPU usage Preset to veryfast, set Profile to main.

Go to Video, set Output (Scaled) Resolution to 1280x720, set downscale filter to Bicubic, set Common FPS Values to Integer FPS Value and set FPS to 40.

Now you can run a test stream and see how it runs. 

If you have any questions you can pop in on my discord and il help you with what you need.


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