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My latest Ortho4XP rendering, the entire Hawaiian Island chain.  When I took my wife and daughter there for my daughter's thirteenth birthday in 2012, we stayed at the wonderful Hilton Hawaiian Village for several reasons--it has the best beach in Oahu, many nice places to swim, a great tropical vibe, easy bus access to Pearl Harbor, and a nice fireworks show.  Plus we went on the sub ride, my first and only time in a real sub, although the water was a bit hazy.  We did see many tropical fish but my greatest underwater experience was snorkeling in Guam's lagoon in 1992.  I was surrounded by thousands of fish in all colors.  If you ever go snorkeling in the ocean, the trick is to wait until the tide is coming in, so you can swim against the current or parallel to it.  You use underwater sailing techniques.  Then when you feel you've had enough, you swim back and forth parallel to the current, and when you want to go back in, you simply coast back to the shore covering the bottom at four to five knots with no effort at all.  I applied the same techniques when I flew in wind, I would fly out against the wind and when I had enough, I'd simply turn around, fly with the wind, and enter the pattern, then on landing I could land straight into the wind and my microlight or trike would touch down with a groundspeed much lower than its stall speed, making for easy on the brakes stopping or in the case of my trike, I'd just drag my feet like Fred Flintstone.



P.S. Note that I have enabled my overlay scenery so I can have autogen over my Ortho scenery, something not easy to do in P3DV4.4.  I like Xplane11's autogen over photo scenery when over open country.



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These are just plain wonderful...some of the best you've ever done. The autogen-photoreal-mesh combi is all working together to produce something really spectacular.


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