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Many of us have posted elsewhere in the Vox (& P2A) forums about the "interface clash" between Cereproc and Harpo TTS voices whereby they each can be heard alongside others of their brand but not beside (in a mix) with the other brand.

The later is often seen as a "fatal error" in Vox and / or no sound is heard.

Frustrated that the brands could not provide a "solution", I took the gamble to buy a Nextup Ivonna voice to see how that may perform ..... and not only did I find it worked alongside Cereproc sets, but somehow its install makes Harpo Ivonna's work alongside the same Cerprocs as well as the Nextup Ivonna set.

Unfortunately the Nextup Ivonna doesn't make Harpo Nuance VE work in a mix (as best I know, there is no other SAPI5 Nuance voices other than Harpo's to try the same trick).

So, I ask if any other Nextup Ivonna users have had this "success".

It means one can broaden one's TTS inventory rather than restrict it to Cereproc or alternatively Harpo, one can at least use Cereproc alongside Ivonna sets from Harpo, provided you have at least one Nextup Ivonna.

Weird indeed it is .... any comments why or whatever. 

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