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Hi guys


I just bought an external CDU for my cockpit, using a hagstorm keyboard emu with VGA, There is a built in VGA screen on the device, I've found all the offsets for the keys / buttons, whats my options for getting the screen to display? Is there a program I can use, or is it simple undock the PMDG cdu and resize?

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Its a happenstance i see this cause i want ask nearly the same today.  ...  I Know i can undock the 2D Panels but thats not a good solution i think !

I still see in videos there exist a Software to use the CDU via a mobile device like a iPad....   But there always the Key section is simulated to.   ( And i´m not sure if i can also use this on a Computer instead of a mobile)

What i need:

Basicly i want only the DISPLAY in a self runnig application for a Windows Computer. The Data should be reccived via FSUIPC... So i can handle this also with WideFS ( Maby there is another way like simconnect.....  here my experience is poor ! )      Basicly i want not a interactive button system ..... So there should bo no INPUTS in this application.

Target is to run this Programm on a second Computer (Network) and that have 2 Screens conencted ( the 2 Little Displays of CDUs )     Finaly the Programm should run in window mode (or fullscreen) ... One CDU each .


In SDK i see the full data ( character, color, flag ) for every Collum/Line is readable.   

So simply question.... Does anybody already wrote a programm that read this Data from Sim ( as i said maby via FSUIPC so i can use WideFS)... And Finaly this Programm should use THIS Data and create a grafic"window"  that is looking 1:1 to the CDU Display  ( I can resize to my need for the used Display in Homecockpit CDU)


Thanks a lot for your help !    Greets from Bavaria !

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Here a copy of the manual from RK Software / OC4BAv4, you can only undock the CDU screen itself:


How to set up FMCv3 screen

1. Connect FMC V3 to any USB port on PC
2. Connect Power line to FMC V3
3. Connect video cable to a free VGA port on PC
4. Verify or set up the VGA screen in the NVIDIA Control Panel by a right click on the desktop screen.
5. Choose VGA screen in Control Panel and set to display to 1024x768
6. Restart PC
7. Turn on Power to the FMC V3
8. You should know see part of the desktop screen on the FMC V3 display
9. Edit panel.cfg for your airplane For the PMDG B737NGX go to: FSX/P3D\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800 NGX and open panel folder and paste in the text below over the original text after you have taken a backup gauge00=PMDG_737NGX!CDU, -90,-120,570,1645,L #0 You can make small changes to these values if you need to make some minor adjustments to fit your setup.
10. Save
11. Start FSX/P3D and choose the PMDG airplane
12. Right click Captain's CDU screen and drag it to the FMC V3 screen
13. Make adjustment by means of the buttons on the back of the FMC V3 if needed (I use AutoConfig from the FMC V3 setup and turn Brightness to 60 and Contrast to 80 to get a dark screen)
14. Use OC4BAv4 as described in doc
15. Verify that the buttons and display on the FMC V3 are lined up as good as possible and that it works OK.


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