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A very good day,

I need help regarding how can I fine tune the aircraft behavior. I''m familiar with P3D [flight tuning] section but on XP 11 I can't find this section and don't know how to adjust certain sections.

Would be possible for a guidance (education) as to where do I have to go to adjust the values and the correct section names for

cruise_lift_scalar     = 1.0
parasite_drag_scalar   = 1.0
induced_drag_scalar    = 1.0
elevator_effectiveness = 1.0
aileron_effectiveness  = 1.0
rudder_effectiveness   = 1.0
pitch_stability        = 1
roll_stability         = 2
yaw_stability          = 3
elevator_trim_effectiveness = 1
aileron_trim_effectiveness  = 1.0
rudder_trim_effectiveness   = 1.0

 To be honest this is an issue for me that is preventing changing over to XP11, some airplanes characteristics (IMHO) need to be adjusted.

Thank you! 


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Some of them can be changed by opening the aircraft in plane-maker.

Parasite_drag_scalar -> change fuselage Cd0.

Cruise_lift_scalar -> change the angle of incidence of main wings.

Elevator/aileron/rudder_effectiveness -> change the max deflection or chord of the respective control surface

Trim_effectiveness -> change the trim values in the "trim" section in plane-maker.

Don't have access to x-plane right now, but you should be able to find the relevant entries if you have a look at plane-maker.

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Thank you Murmur, much appreciated, I'll give it a try.

Is anybody else with more suggestions on this topic.

Thank you!

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