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Hi Kevin

I have the PMDG 737 NGX, 777, 747-400, and 747-8 installed on my system.

Up until recently all PMDG A/C were working well with my GoFlight Equipment and the PollyPot software that enables my MCP and EFIS GoFlight Modules to function.

Recently, the 747 series stopped working with these modules, however, the 737 and 777 still function.

I suspect that during one of my P3D v4.4 sessions, with Chase Plane running, P3D experienced a CTD that may have corrupted one of the 747 files your app modifies?

Could you let me know what those files are in the 737, 777, and 747 are so I can back them up in case another CTD happens?

Bill Clark

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Hi Kevin,

My original question to you was, what files does Chase Plane modify in P3D?

I ran across this thread on a Google Search where you state that in one case involving TrackIR you modify SimConnect.manifest files. The link is below:

Steve, the main developer at PollyPot software made the following comment to my issue about GoFlight Hardware:

Hi Bill,

No, I mean everything. I spent loads of time analysing Simconnect logs with the two other people who had this problem to try and resolve it, but GIT is doing everything as expected, but the PMDG SDK or Simconnect just ignore the requests. I have no idea why except the theory that other add-ons may be interfering in some odd way.

I would double check you have done everything in the FAQ and try disabling any flight sim add-ons that use the PMDG SDK. If all else fails, its a complete rebuild.

Best wishes


Link to the PollyPot thread mentioned above:

Please be aware I’m not saying ChasePlane is the cause of this issue, but rather, is there any chance that ChasePlane, when I experienced a P3D/PMDG 747-8 crash, may have left the SimConnect file or any other file in a changed state?

Any light you could shed on this would be helpful?

Thank You,

Bill Clark  

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