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Swapping Out Pitch and Roll Control

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I wish to add my CH yoke back into my setup and keep my TM Warthog HOTAS connected, but want it “turned off”. I have my rudder as Joy #0, HOTAS as Joy #1 and my TM Warthog Throttle as Joy #2 in FSUIPC. I want to plug my CH Yoke (and eventually replace it with a higher quality yoke when the choices mature a bit over the next year or so) in when the itch strikes. I wish to unclamp my HOTAS from the desk (Monster clamp), set it in a cushioned “cradle” under the desk and clamp my CH yoke on and use it instead of the HOTAS.

I don’t want to unplug any USB ports, but of course I need to have both control devices set up to control aileron and elevator axis, depending on the aircraft

Can I turn the HOTAS “OFF” software wise prior to unclamping it from the desk and replacing it with the CH Yoke which will also remain plugged into the same USB port always? Of course when I want to leave the tranquility of bush flying in SEAK and fly an F18 Hornet off carrier decks I simply want to spend a short bit of time swapping out control devices and get on with it.

I DON'T wish to unplug either from their respective USB ports.

I seem to vacillate back and forth from 140 knots low and slow or commercial jetliners to high speed fighter jets (just for the flying, really!) about every 3 or 4 months. And then there is the vintage WW2 aircraft that are really maturing.

So many choices. Ain’t it grand?

Any thoughts?



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