Trainer just stopped working today (resolved)

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I started P3dv4.3 up today and after loading to the cockpit both GTN 750 and 650 (both latest releases) stay black and I receive a message that the "GTN trainer has stopped working, a problem caused the program to stop working correctly".

P3dv4.3 is run in normal mode.

Trainer version is the latest as installed by GTN software.

Operating system is win7 pro and no antivirus software on sim PC.

GTN Gauge log.. 

19/03/23 12:22:52.272 06236 -    ] # rxpGTN.dll version
19/03/23 12:22:52.271 06236 INFO ] 

GTN Menu Log..

19/03/23 11:50:19.041 05428 -    ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version
19/03/23 11:50:19.043 05428 INFO ] edit panel: D:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado B350i_King_Air\panel\panel.cfg

GTN Sim Log..

19/03/23 12:22:56.202 06236 -    ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version
19/03/23 12:22:56.201 06236 INFO ] 
19/03/23 12:23:16.232 06632 INFO ] 
19/03/23 12:23:16.688 06252 INFO ] 
19/03/23 12:23:18.695 05356 ERROR] GL failed(false,f7011eb2,00000000,00000000)
19/03/23 12:23:18.696 05356 ERROR] GL missing pixel_buffer_object
19/03/23 12:23:18.697 05356 ERROR] GL missing framebuffer_object
19/03/23 12:23:18.698 05356 ERROR] GL missing framebuffer_blit
19/03/23 12:23:18.951 07244 ERROR] GL failed(false,cb010bc9,00000000,00000000)
19/03/23 12:23:18.952 07244 ERROR] GL missing pixel_buffer_object
19/03/23 12:23:18.953 07244 ERROR] GL missing framebuffer_object
19/03/23 12:23:18.954 07244 ERROR] GL missing framebuffer_blit


Thanks for any assistance,

Cheers, Brian

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Posted (edited)

Hi Brian,

thank you for posting the log files right away, this is the best indicator of the issue. You can read there is a problem with he OpenGL driver somehow.

  • Have you made a video card driver update lately?
  • What video card is this (brand, model, driver version)?

You might want to cross check this information and whether there is a problem with the "pixel buffer object (PBO)", "frame buffer object (FBO)" and "frame buffer blit" extensions using this tool:


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I removed all GPU drivers with DDU and installed latest nvidia drivers with no luck. Just so happens my new graphics card upgrade arrived today and I can report all back working perfect. Not sure how or why I had this driver glitch but all is great again.

Thanks for the fast reply to my problem!!


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