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Quick question i hope someone can advise.

Taxiing the PMDG B737-800 I have to keep applying power to get the machine to roll along as it slows down each time when the power is not constantly applied.

I do not want to keep the throttles in the same taxi position otherwise it will gain speed. Need to be constant as i taxi off the ramp and then the taxiway.

Keeps 'stop starting' is a little annoying, especially to al the PAX.

I thought that once you left the gate and got going, there is no need to keep applying power as it should merrily roll along? Setting in P3d?

Looking at other YouTube videos, i see taxiing is a smooth constant.

What am i missing?



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Is the lowest amount of power which your throttle can apply too high to maintain just a constant slow speed? Taken to extremes: If your engines go to say 40% N1 as soon as you touch the throttle then it may need some re-calibration :happy:

Perhaps leave the throttle open and then just gently apply the brakes as and when? Is there anything in the PMDG documentation which may help with control setup? (I don't have any PMDG products sorry).

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