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Anyone up for combat flying?

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Hey been a bit bored lately flying with the Eurofighter, was wondering if someone with Tacpack wanted to fly together or even fight each other on JoinFS. I'm in the UK and fly on P3D v4. We can speak on Teamspeak or any client for that matter. 😀

Bill Khaled

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Wish I could but my only combat title is Wings of Prey which I got via Steam some years ago on my old PC.  I thought it was lost forever when my old PC died but Steam allowed me to install it at no charge, along with Trainsim.  Gotta love Steam for purchase retention, Carenado and several other of my FSX vendors also had it and by and large I restored almost all my aircraft add-ons for my new, Windows 10 system. 

Also love Windows 10, it is my favorite O/S of the Windows genre, Vista and Win98 were my second and third favorites.  I also discovered DOSBOX online which allows for the running of some legacy 16bit apps, like Slam!, my favorite PC based Air Hockey app because of its use of English and realism when playing.

I wrote the author of the app but he said he no longer supported it, thank goodness it is supported via DOSBOX.  I also found an Atari ST emulator that allowed me to run FS2 but I quickly bored of it.  One could run it by increasing the clock speed by 4X, which I liked, but FS2 for the ST had a bug which actually increased the groundspeed by 1.5 times.  I wrote a program in 68000 assembler which slowed the timing of the ST by 1.5 times so I could land the Lear, but it also slowed the control response time and made the Lear more sluggish.  Few knew of the bug, since there were not many ST users back then.


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