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Hello all,

I am currently interested in upgrading part of my system, however I currently can only spend around 500 US. My specs are as follows - Ryzen 5 1600, 32 GB of DDR4-2666, GTX1060 6GB, a 1TB and a 2TB 7200rpm HD, and 124GB SSD, and a Thermaltake MasterLiquid 240 that seems to always keep my CPU cool. I run v4.5 with good number of addons (FSL, QW, ActiveSky, and numerous scenery addons). In clear conditions in the middle of an ocean I can get 40-50FPS in the labs and I usually get just below 30. In bad conditions I’d be lucky to get over 10 FPS in any bad weather situation. So my question should I upgrade my CPU/MOBO or my GPU. I’ve been leaning a little towards the GPU and getting an RTX2070 however I could either upgrade my CPU which would probably mean an i7-8700k/9700k and a new motherboard. Eventually an R5 1600 with a 2070 will bottleneck and an i7-8700k/9700k with a 1060 would bottleneck. I think the extra 2GB of vram, and higher clock speeds of the 2070 would yield a better performance in worse weather conditions, but again, there will be a bottleneck until I can upgrade the other part. Would you see a GPU upgrade being better it would you see a CPU upgrade being better?

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GPU , i have one 1800X that run fair in P3D tested with 1060 1070 1080Ti as you know P3D can be very CPU bound but even very hard on the GPU  

No reason for you to uppgrade cpu Mobo when AMD realease ther new cpus you only need the cpu and faster mems.

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