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In another post I had mentioned that you could mod the Saitek Throttles to replace the controller with other boards. It was suggested that I provide a post about it. 

I Modded my 2 Saitek Throttle Quads that are in a Throttle "box" to use a Leo Bodnar 0836X Board.  This will combine the 2 into a "single" unit.  The Leo0836X is a very nice board.  It has 8 12 Bit Axis, a Hat switch and 32 my guess is the naming convention is 08 for Axis 🙂 and 36 for the Buttons 🙂 ..... since the HAT is essentially 4 buttons.

Here is my video I did covering it.  I will say that even though I am down an Axis (I was never able to get that Arm fixed it broke off again and again...) having the 12 Bit resolution on Axis and now added a "trim wheel" to the side (wheel to come for now a large Knob) via an Encoder really does improve the experience.....even if only to hold me over till I find the right replacement throttle quad.

Oh -- and the Throttle Handles that add TOGA / AT Disarm and Reversers were the primary reason I had done this -- I needed to add buttons for them 🙂




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