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  1. Come fly the published tutorial flight step by step... From Cold and Dark to shutdown we follow the guide.
  2. There is a descriptive tutorial available now for the HJet and its operation from cold&dark to shutdown. This video is the step by step flight of that tutorial as of version 1.0.3
  3. But you do not respect others opinions .. you just keep talking about You and Your priorities and what you want.. and how YOU keep pushing Your priorities... HMMMM... Wonder why I stopped spending much time on avsim... maybe it's because it's just better in the Developer discords ..
  4. Your TAS will Increase based on Altitude and Temperature.... Yes the TAS inner wheel changes based on Temperature. So when you get up to the High FLs that inner scale comes down as your IAS Drops but your TAS Goes up....
  5. the 208 does not have many LVARs if any really... while the 414A has a lot and is much more complex... There is a bug with anything that is using simconnect and requesting data when the sim is in the menu (SU9 Beta..) ... if everything works in SU8 then you know the change is with the software.. and guess what.. no SDK notes about what has changed has been published.....
  6. the C414 uses LVARs ... it is not standard simvars... your echo will need to be setup to use those...
  7. That is normal there is atmospheric pressure and the MP gauge will read it .. ours reads 29.2 in some images I have before starting up the plane..
  8. I am using spad to bind all of the LVARs to my MCP and then to my Bravo after that... No different than many of the other complex Aircraft that use LVARs and then drive the SIM AP modes...
  9. Hit the B Key ... bet you see the AP start moving to the "indicated" ALT. Mark posted here at like 2am est time that the config is off and will be fixed in an update
  10. I was part of this discussion early this AM with Mark as he was "whacking his head against the wall"... The issue here is that unlike a unified system you have and Electric De-Ice (Melt) for the Props and windshield. But the control surfaces have boots on the leading edges. The Two modes you can use to remove the Ice is "Melt" or "Blast" but you only have the one Ice Variable... If he changes the Wings to be a Melt (which would make the Window/props) then they would not reflect the correct behaviour of building up the ICE and then Popping the Boots to "blast" the Ice off the leading edge. So the flying behavior would be wrong in that the ice would have to melt off like it was an electric or TKS fluid system
  11. The Config has the wrong Altimeter set for the AP to use... currently is looking for the 3rd Altimeter so config = 2 and needs to be the first = 0 so that if basis it's indicated ALT off the primary altimiter.
  12. Next Bug GFC-600 -- Select HDG Mode and VS Mode is automatically enabled... why... should stay in Pitch until I pick a Vertical Mode
  13. That is the Remote Mount Controls. That has the HDG/ALT/CRS knobs.. I would have been great to get those :)..
  14. That is not a GFC600 ... That would be the original Legacy Century 4 or 2000 system I am referencing the GTN cockpits with the fancy new Digital AP
  15. GTN cockpit... Sitting on the ground... FD ON (AP and YD OFF) PRESS the GA button on the throttle... GA on the Lateral Mode and PIT and GA on the Vertical both displayed making it unreadable.
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