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  1. I take the Beech Sierra From CYTZ IFR to CYOW....Hope you enjoy!
  2. Use a Leonardo or a Pro Micro.....They are able to be Native HID controllers. Thus making it easier to interface to the Sim.
  3. I finally do my first Single Pilot IFR flight after getting my Rating. CYOW - CYTZ CYTZ is Billy Bishop on the Island in Toronto. Flown in on Porter many times but never myself! We fly the RNAV GPS Z 08 approach. I edited down most of the flight to the IFR and interactions but made sure to keep the entire duration of the Approach from when I was cleared to it. Departure is in VMC conditions but as we get to the Toronto area the Cloud ceilings below us become solid!! Hope you like!
  4. @sillyflyer new egg and Canada computers has that item you list here for $780 dollars.....ugh yeah that is stupid expensive compared to where you got it for 295.... The DDR-3600 was around 150-200....
  5. I have been using NVMe drives on my last 2 builds....They boot almost instantly. Scenery loads really really fast.....I did a 1TB and I did add some SSDs in Raid 5 for extra Storage but everything SIM is on that NVMe drive. They have little sockets they plug into and connect to the Processor over PCIe links (think mine is at 4x). I went with DDR4 3600 since loading memory is always a benefit but the 4000 stuff is stupid dumb expensive. I did a 9700K with a AIO Watercooler and it is able to overclock lots of cores...You save some cash since this is an 8 Core no HT...Most stuff does not use HT or even lots of cores these days...good performer.
  6. Lennie, Your Headset is plugged into the Sound Card. The Sound Card may or may not have an ability to provide "Multiple" Output devices. There were some at one point that did allow you to treat the 5.1 Audio instead as separate Audio outputs -- ie you were able to have a 2.1 or even 3.1 for your main Audio and then use what would have been the "rear" speakers to instead be a second separate Stereo output. I have not seen this on a Mobo Chipset though in a long long time....if ever as I might still be mistaken with a system that had a sandblaster board that had this feature. For me I have used a couple of USB Audio Sound Cards to "increase" my discrete outputs. You can find them in all kinds of price ranges :). Search on amazon 🙂 https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=USB+analog+audio+sound+card&ref=nb_sb_noss
  7. GTN DB files are not compatible with the GNS series....
  8. The Garmin Trainer software does not support the "Flight Stream" features....So you can not "simulate" the EFB in action with trainer. It would be a fantastic feature :).... I use Fltplan GO with the simulator in a similar way as with my GTX 345 Txpdr in that it gives me location data (plus ADSB...Not Simulated though with the sim link tool) so that I can see all of the GPS location data, altitude, Speeds..etc... But I have to manually enter the Flight plans since the GTX can not transfer to the GNS 480 in the plane :(... Best of all Fltplan Go is actually FREE :).... It supports North America Charts including Canada and the Bahamas as well. http://www.fltplan.com/fsx.htm Use the link to find the plugin for P3D or FSX....That part is hard to find without the link.
  9. PMDG changed the LVARS "Header" for the NGXu. All of the Sim Lvars by them have a different header...many functions just need the headers replaced and then you are good to go....ie PMDG777:EVT_xxx would be the same as the PMDG737:EVT_xxx and with the NGXu the header for it is now PMDGNG3:EVT_xxx To the LVARS are all going to be pretty much identical (except for things that are not found on each plane) but that Header is different. Virtual Avionics (whom have been pretty quite the last year) have released and update, SPAD.Next Released an update. So really it is just the developers that need to hop on and fix it....or you buy something like SPAD.Next that is able to control your devices and have it remap it...
  10. FltPlan Go has it's own app for connecting to the Sim.... It is not "easy" to find...one would think you would find the link easy from the website but you can not 🙂 http://www.fltplan.com/fsx.htm Works with P3Dv4.5 just fine.
  11. I modded my two Saitek Throttles using a Leo Bodnar Board to get a 12 Bit Resolution...So instead of 0-255 I have a range of 0-4096.... Also with the extra inputs I added some encoders for Trim Wheels on Elevator and rudder.
  12. flight plan Go..... FLTPLAN GO FLTPLAN.COM It is Free...I use it in the real world as well....Awesome product. Only had coverage for North America though.
  13. Okay -- Restarted P3D and now when I shift click it seems to be working again.....
  14. As the Title says.....Since upgrading to the latest GTN 750 I have lost the ability to shift right click into the config menu for the 750. The 530 is working fine still but not the 750.....Ack!
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