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  1. Spad.Next is pretty easy to use...what issue are you having??? Have you watched the YouTube videos that are out there?? They should how to work the UI pretty straight forward. I love Spad.Next....I don't use FSUIPC at all anymore. Simconnect direct from SPAD and all the LVAR support is perfect.
  2. My Desktop unit works -- only after i replaced the control module by contacting the vendor (LEO Bodnar). They stoped replying to me and I did meet the guy to do a swap in Toronto. The only reason I ever got my unit to begin with is that I have friends that are Toronto Police. They told me to file a complaint of Fraud so that they could go do something about it. Only then did they respond real quick and ship out a unit......it was broken and then we did a swap in person in. My guess was it was actually a unit that was a "prototype" that had been in use. Take your chances if you want to....however don't send them money until they are going to ship you.....maximum go a week and make sure you use Paypal or something so that you can file a claim to get your money back. Also make sure to get a ship date guarantee in writing to show Paypal. Even then PayPal will sometimes not honour their buyer protection. example -- bought a tablet from gear best and it came with a damaged screen. They stated I had to return it with a insured signed delivery.....well that was going to cost more than I paid to buy and ship the tablet????? I called PayPal and they said there was nothing they could do as it was the Store Policy and I agreed to that??? Totally floored.
  3. LesOReilly

    Carenado B1900D Ident

    So I spent some time with this aircraft last night 🙂 getting my Spad.NEXT controls all put together. There is no Ident button or LVAR for this. Further I can not find a single SIMCONNECT value that allows you to IDENT either. So I think this is more to do with FSX/P3D not having support for IDENT.....I can't seem to find anything for this.
  4. LesOReilly

    ATIS through Twitter

    aeroweather is an app that can give you all of the ATIS information. You can also use FLTPLAN.COM or the FLTPLAN GO app to get all of this data.
  5. LesOReilly

    MCP with other planes

    Okay so I bought it and the EFIS. Got them delivered in just a few days!! So far I have flown only one flight 🙂 in a 172 HAHAH. It does work with the Default controls so very happy to say that it works with lots of items that the default controls are able to work with!!!
  6. LesOReilly

    MCP with other planes

    This would be a nice topic to have an answer to. I am also interested in ordering this product but would like that the "default" aircraft AP controls would be supported. That or allow for configuration in the gateway application. With Saitek FIPs it is possible to take the XML files and select from the Standard SIM vars while also editing with the L:vars -- this is how I modified many of the original and the online FIP gauges to be able to report the appropriate data and control the functions of the planes like PMDG or Carenado. If you allowed some kind of simple Config of an XML for which values are to be controlled or tracked then this would make it easy to modify........by the way I use SPAD.NEXT and they have it on the list to implement but that is not on any near time release that we know of. Maybe working with them to gain quick support of this kind of configuration would open the market up better since that would enable support of any aircraft via configurations.
  7. Sorry was travelling. I found that a while back when searching for them. Guess it does not work. The only contact method that actually took place was via Messenger app (facebook). I should have taken a picture of his license plate when I had the chance. That said not sure that would help too much for you.
  8. LesOReilly

    Push/Pull TPM Throttle

    If I did not have the Saitek TPM from a few years ago I would be looking at these. https://www.desktopaviator.com/Products/Model_2780/index.htm
  9. I have found the Saitek drivers to be crap. I switched to Spad.NEXT a few years ago and it has been awesome.
  10. SPAD.NEXT works really really well. It is worth the money.
  11. There are out of Brampton. A C E 18 Upwood Pl Brampton, ON L6R 1T3, Canada Phone: (905) 598-3608 Aircraft Controls Engineering Phone: (905) 598-3608 Name: Haroon Anwar Job Title: Proprietor I had issues my self with a 737 Desktop Yoke and getting it after significant delays. I informed them that I would be filing a Fraud complaint with the Police as per my Friends suggestion -- a Toronto Metro Detective. They responded immediately and shipped me a unit -- it was broken. I met up with them (Ali) in Toronto to exchange the broken part. To be honest I think that they supplied me with a used unit from their desk or "prototype"..... Anyway after a couple of months the Board in it died and they took months and months -- finally no more responses. I was lucky. The controller in them is a Leo Bodnar board and those guys are fantastic and replaced it for me. Still to this day I don't get any information as to where my replacement board is.....HMMMMM???? I have been intending to release a "open box" and then a Review Video about it.....Sounds like I am not the only one having issues with them.