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  1. Long video but explains how to setup and configure devices in Spad.neXt. leverage the Event Monitor and Data Monitor to configure switches and buttons. If you have and ideas or requests let me know..
  2. @Fred Florino The connector for the Throttle that goes into the Yoke is not able to go into USB... You can take the throttle apart and wire it to a Bodnar board ... I did that (actually wired 2 of them to it and all the buttons)... It works fine but over time the Pots will just get nasty and noisy anyway.... I have sent it to the bone pile at this point and replaced it with the TCA TQ with the Add ON Module... I also use the Alpha yoke now... I have been waiting on a backorder for a Bravo since December...
  3. C-GMTT is the Reg for our Sierra... It is off being painted at lovely Centralia, Ontario.... Maybe for an update you would drop it in the scenery :)... But after paint since it will be a new scheme..
  4. Using Spad.next I improve the Radio Panel and vPilot integration a little more... Really makes the Listens and Transmits work better with the vPilot Client. Then we also add a Script panel configuration to drive the CRJ LVAR TXPDR data to drive the MSFS Transponder State to make the MODE C in vPilot also "Just work"... Note again that the Radio Config for the NAV Freq is a "hack" still to work around the CRJ Data not being exposed. This is driving the SIM DATA which is what the PFD / LOC and AutoPilot will be fed... However the VC of the CRJ RTU displays will not reflect it... But hey you are using the Saitek Radio panel to control and see the actual tuned and standby frequencies.... This uses the creation of a Local Variable..... That you will have to configure as I am not sure that downloading the panel will bring it along... it's easy to do..
  5. Sounds good to me ... After MTT returns from Paint maybe you can add it to the OFC Ramp 😉
  6. it was posted in a couple of Facebook groups including the OFC group and another local area flying groups :)... Couple asked about if CYRP could be done :).... One thing about Ottawa it is pretty small yet we have 4 really close airports with CYOW, CYRP, CYND and CYRO... Then there is Arnprior just a smidge away at 26 NM.... I loved seeing it so well done... 🙂
  7. Using Spad.Next to get the TCA TQ Plus Add On configured for use with the Aerosoft CRJ. Also used multiple custom Axis to dial in some Idle range and power range..
  8. OFC is the Ottawa Flying Club 🙂 So pumped you got it added!!! My group keeps our plane in that white hangar 🙂 Thanks for this!
  9. This will be my first and probably only Scenery Purchase for MSFS2020 ....
  10. Workaround for the Nav Radio control implemented but does mean the RTU won't display the real active frequency ... But the Plane/sim and the Saitek will have the correct on them.. Just not the RTU Tied in a bunch of extra control with the TXPDR and the Audio Panel as well... neat things that can be done when you don't use the basic drivers and software...
  11. Doh... missed that there were more pages after that post .... ignore sorry ....
  12. Hold the Right ALT Key on the keyboard and then click on the window.
  13. Depends .... I bought one and I had a more expensive ACE 737 Yoke. I also have an Older Saitek Cessna Yoke... It does feel much better that the Saitek stuff by far. And the ACE was starting to have some weird spring issues and it lacks buttons.... only has Trim PTT and AP Disconnect... Alpha feels good and the ailerons have a great range... I am not missing my ACE which I have partially apart to replace the springs with Bungee cords...
  14. I read your post over there ... To be fair it was so BLUNT (not saying the analysis is wrong...) that easily it can be read as insulting and combative.... That is the problem with "texts/messages/posts" in general... It is hard to convey tone and body language...
  15. I do it via Spad.Next using the LVAR for the switch... Might be able to do it with Anti-ice events but then they all turn on...
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