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After burning several good hours that could’ve been used actually flight simming, I’m reaching out to the community. I have the VR Insight MCP Combo 1. I bought it in 2008 and it worked originally great with FSX. Now after all these years I’m running FSX SE, Linda, and a variety of Go Flight modules and want to include my MCP beyond more than a night light and an ornament on my glare shield. The MCP is responding to inputs, and Linda is showing three greens, but beyond that I’m lost. Getting this integrated has been my goal for over a week, and it is the last item for me to call this phase of my home cockpit complete. Not looking to fly anything more complex than Carenado A36 Bonanza, default 747-400/737-800 and Cool Sky DC-9. Thanks in advance for any and all advice!


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