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Doh, I shoulda emailed this to tellfs ages ago...I know force feedback isn't in use a whole lot today, and certainly there's no rudder pedals with force feedback... but...Remember when you were learning to fly and you had to taxi and make sure you didn't run over the taxiway centerline lights, otherwise it'd cost you a beer for the instructor?The one 'as real as it gets' experience i miss in FS is knowing that you have accidentally run over a taxiway centerline light with your nosewheel, by the feel and sound of the bump when you accidentally nail one...Maybe FS 11?I know it's a dumb thing but that's one of the most important things to avoid when you're taxiing a single engine light aircraft. Otherwise you can damage your nosegear...Another real world thing for a future version of FS, is modelling a propwash, and also jetwash... I remember when learning to fly and doing orbits out in the training area. A couple of times I flew through my own propwash and it gave a little bit of a bump and swirl as it affected the aircraft as it passed through it...Hmmm, kinda makes me wonder if we might see some 'wake turbulence' modelling in FSX that we haven't been clued in on yet. Remember FS2004 brought us the 'caution' message about aircraft taking off... We'll have to see... lol MSFT Team you have me guessing about some of the new features...Anyway, just some brainstorming thoughts for future versions of FS...

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