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Zenair 750 STOL aircraft

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44 minutes ago, John F said:

Very nice. Where are you in these shots?


Some around Frankfurt Germany, some around Juneau Alaska.....   I uploaded this aircraft after making it Xplane 11.3x compatible and a Zenair 650 low wing at, but did not modify either aircraft in any way out of respect for the original author, mentioned in the download description of both aircraft.  I did let Zemair know what I did in case they want to reference both aircraft, they were in on both Xplane10 models and used them in conjunction with Vatsim at a local Light Sport training facility at Stellar airpark, about 25 miles from where I live in Phoenix, they were in Chandler Arizona but I do not know if they still offer flight training because the 601XL model they used had a serious wing spar issue that caused a fatal accident in California.  As for the Xplane models, they are simple but quite flyable freeware aircraft for Xplane 10 and 11, although I had to go thru hoops to make them Xplane11.3x compatible.  One can be opened in planemaker for Xplane11 I believe (the 650), the 750 cannot.  I love both aircraft, I flew a 601 XL once and another homebuilt 601, built by the good CFI and also ultralight maker (the Aerolight 103, also featured in Xplane11).  Dennis made the 601 in real life and the Aerolight 103 which can be made part 103 compatible, it is a full 3 axis fixed wing ultralight.


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