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Some Carenado .wav files not playing

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I have noticed something odd with some Carenado aircraft in XP11.  When flying the Cessna Citation II I am getting a warning sound which I can't get rid of without restarting the flight.  While trying to narrow down and discover what this alarm may be for I have discovered that none of the .wav files in the Cessna Citation II sound folder and subfolders are playing when using Windows Media Player, however almost every other .wav file does play with that program.  It seems to be playing, and there is no error message, but there is no sound when playing any .wav file associated with the Citation II or the S340  (XP11 versions).

The Citation II seems to have an issue with a few warning sounds in that once they are started they can't be stopped.  For example the too low flaps warning can only be stopped by deploying the flaps and then retracting them again, rather than just increasing altitude.  Same issue with the gear warning.  I do not know what is causing the warning sound I was searching for, but it seems to be caused by erratic, slow, high AOA flying,as I let the aircraft slip into this a few times while messing around with the GPS and other controls.  The only way I could silence this alarm that started was to restart the flight.

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