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a flight with great challenge

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Hi all, been flying sims so long that finding a real challenge was kind of exciting.  landing a light plane is second nature to me, yet this landing was really hard.  Take off from Bandon State S05 on the Oregon Coast.  Fly 060 for a few minutes, and you'll see a valley with the town of Coquille off your left, tucked into the mountain side you are facing is a private strip called Gederos.  Its asphalt with no number.  Its in a cut in the forest, and if you land long you will be in trouble.  

Gederos is hard to find, and once you find it will be a fun landing.  You can't approach high, you'll end up crashing into trees.  You can't really do a touch and go, unless you have way more power than a cherokee or similar.  

Good luck, and I'll enjoy hearing of your successes!  

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