new user, gripes but also compliments - P3D V4.5

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Hello Chaseplane support

I have a few comments, compliments and questions... I'll start with the compliments :)

Coming from a very short-lived and frustrating experience with your direct competitors - the name starts with EZ... - I must say it was refreshing to find a company that knows what it's doing. Chaseplane is a BIG game-changer for any simmer. There's the quality of the idea, the work behind the idea, but also the great support you provide customers. Support is my line of work, so I know how important it is, for any product, to be attentive to customer feedback... however unpleasant it is. Your competition hasn't really grasped this yet, and I don't think they ever will... Anyway. here come the gripes.

"Cloud" presets.

Unless I'm missing something, presets are not stored locally, not even as an option. You have to admit that sim users are accustomed to a lot of tinkering and tweaking... so why the omission? Is it your way of protecting the software? I find it deprives it of the added dimension of user tweaking - which is inherent to the simmer community... pretty much where all the developers came from (correct me if I'm wrong). Not essential, but it would be nice to have the option.

Camera tracking (static).

All of the static cameras I create have trouble tracking the aircraft when it passes - especially on runways. I only get to see the plane's tail at the end of the sweep. I tinkered with all cam settings, but never get a satisfying result. Am I the only one with the issue, and if so... what could be the cause? My hardware is not top of the line, but is nicely above average (I7, GTX 1060 6GB). Pretty much my biggest gripe ;)

Lastly, cinematics management.

Again, perhaps I missed something, but the pre-programmed cinematics seem locked and un-tweakable. If this is correct, are there plans to change this? Or perhaps, you could better document how to create such sequences, if it's possible?

 Again... thanks for the great work, and for your response! 

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